meaning behind events in movies, stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by jewbelieve, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So watching pine apple express, and you know when , pete gets shot by the gone bad mafia thug, and then Ted says, "pete was x-CIA".
    Its like a hidden message, there saying problems with drugs, was brought on by the CIA, using it as being illegal to make money!
    Anyone else ever have these things happen when your stoned... If so let me hear em, for some reason i feel a lot of movies i watch have hidden meanings, things they are trying to say but no one does...
  2. I think he was pissed because an ex-CIA agent would have been very helpful for a grow op. I'm not good at looking for double meanings in stories and movies but I think you're looking a little too into this one...
  3. yah, you may be right, just want to hear if other people have these occurnces when high and watching a movie...
  4. Not me but I hear double meanings ALOT when talking to people while baked. It kinda freaks me out sometimes because everything seems really tense to me haha.
  5. Its funny i know exactly what you are talking about.
  6. Ive actually had these feelings alot lately. i dont really remember them because my memory is shit but same thing youve experienced. kinds funny when i think about that
  7. sometimes if i watch a movie that isn't so engaging, that I will start to notice all the behind the scenes stuff and pay attention to how they are acting..............

    i guess also like op is saying- - - -- you pay attention to the hidden meanings they are trying to potray , but if it's a shitty mainstream movie then there's a good chance that it is all in your head

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