Mean Prank.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. As we all know, today is April Fools day. Well, my mom knocked on my door this morning, waking me up at 9am, christ thats early. Then she proceeds to say "Your car! It's being towed!" ... So I get out of my bed, run outside in my boxers, where it's cold, and low and behold, theres my car sittiing there, with no tow truck. I was mainly freaked out because I got in an accident a month or so back, and never filed a police report and I think the other guy did, but what ever, I had JUST woke up. So my mom goes "Happy April Fools day!" ... not cool. She gets me EVERY year.. every year for the past 18 years, the sad thing is, I still never see it coming. I guess I just don't register dates or somthing. Oh well.

  2. haha im just like u man...i cant remember dates for shit... i had no idea it was april fools today till i read some posts earlier....but anyway...ur mom sounds pretty cool man haha i wulda killed her just for wakin me up early haha
  3. LOL. im gonna call up my air force recruiter and tell him I cant join. Then call april fools haha.
  4. HAHA, i dont know how far youre willing to go to pull a prank on your mom, but have one of your friends call her and tell her you have been in a terrible accident and you got rushed off to the hospital with major head injuries.

    as soon as she ask "which hospital" you scream "APRIL FOOLS!" lmao
  5. LMFAO, that's horrible wykid, heh. No, I just gave up on it, my pops made a 8lb Prime rib in the smoker and then finished it on the grill (some cooking technique), and good god was it good! So tender and juicy..

  6. mmmm prime rib:p i could sure go for some good food right now. my mom april fools joke was to no restock the house with food, jokes on me cause i got the munchies and no food to eat
  7. dude, don't ever mention prime rib ever again on these forums unless you want everybody to go obese.

    i am fucking hungry now for some smoked prime rib.

    but sadly, i have none.

    thanks a lot assholes.
  8. My ex called me this morning, telling me he was gay. I was like super shocked, and asked him what made him turn and whatever. He then said "April Fools" I was like "Pffft, i believed you!" jokingly.

    Then my sister told my dad she walked in on me and this other chick making out. He got so mad; cussing and stuff. :p
  9. haha nice^^^^ u and another chick ayy:)

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