Mean People Suck

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    Mean People Suck. Meanness comes from anger, low self esteem, hatred, and paranoia. It comes from fear. Mean people are unhappy. Mean people, to a large degree, think only of themselves

    Never ever...ever give a mean person power over you! It can actually suck the life blood out of you and if it goes on long enough you might, unintentionally, become exactly like them. Garner the strength, keep your self-respect intact and walk away...this may just put that mean person right in their place or sad but true, they just may move onto their next 'victim'! Be at peace that you made the right decision for you

    Here's a song..... NOFX ~ Mean People Suck
    NOFX is punk rock

    link ~> NOFX - Mean People Suck - YouTube

    Here's a kewl rant by a chick about mean people

    link ~> Mean People Suck - YouTube


  2. This is so true
  3. Yap, for a second there I thought your avatar was a part of your little slide show and that you had a deeper meaning lol. But I agree with you though!
  4. soooo true. +rep
  5. When your right, your right my friend. +rep in the a.m. when I'm not on the app(which dont let ypu like or rep. Wtf?) for the nofx. Fat Mike is my man.
  6. The hobos outside my apartment sell mean people stuck stickers for a donation lol
  7. somebody took OP's lunch money

  8. Great song, great band.
  9. Actually....

  10. Mean people do suck! ;D
  11. Fuck you.

  12. is that you in th picture HOT I so want to move to your state
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    No, you can't fuck me! Why are you asking?!


    What's a couple dollars anymore? No big deal.....

  14. [​IMG]
  15. i dont have a problem with mean people...
  16. The type of mean people if hate are the ones who think it's cool to rob people of their bud.
  17. A shade short of a decade's worth of spending work week type hours playing MMORPG's and online FPS games has taught me one, and only one thing about mean people.

    They mad, bro.

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