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  1. I ate 2 double patty burgers 2 hours ago, and was wondering if I took some dxm the trip would be lessened at all from the prior eating. It was the only thing I ate all day and I would be taking 150mg now, then a zicam max an hour after that..
    Will I still feel it as hard?
  2. 2 hours is sufficient enough after a meal to trip.

    But why are you splitting the dose up? That Zicam will hit you considerably less hard if you split it up
  3. Oh really? The 150mg is through time release capsules so I thought they would both hit at the same time if I did it like that?
  4. In that case yes, you can do that. Generally, when dosing DXM it's best to do it all at once, to stunt the conversion of DXM to DXO (most people find a higher ratio of DXO to DXM to be uncomfortable).

    Since you're dealing with polisterex and Hbr you'll be good though.
  5. Alright thank you!
  6. man, you will be really fucked up if you take all of that haha. If you are looking to just get really high the zicam will have a sufficient amount in it. Just thinking about dxm makes me quiver, is the flavor cool cherry? haha
  7. a 3oz bottel of grape delsym.. would that be enought .. or should i travel up a few blocks to wawa and get some mucinex tablets to have a decent trip while im home along with ton of weed to smoke to the face..
  8. Dude come on. You know we can't give out dosage information on here, and you've been told before to do your own research. 3oz Delsym would be enough to get me high, not tripping, but that's just me...Nobody knows your weight or your tolerance, so use an online calculator to figure out where you want to be, and then take that much DXM.
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    Ha Ill be feeling alright probably going to watch the Wall, listen to music, and just zone out :)
    Ha yea its cool cherry, its the only liquid dxm that I love the taste of!

    Yea I think 3oz of delsym would be good, just make sure it only has dxm. Mucinex has 600 guaf per pill, it what I took for my 150 but its only good for low amounts cause the guaf will make you puke. But yea choke that syrup down and smoke mad weed and you'll be feeling very nice
    By the way I love wawa wish they had one her in vermont :(
  10. i thought wawa is alover the east coast.. thats what i thought.. n do you think i would trip better with the delsym and some dramamine.. or the delsym and some mucinex.. or just all three.. haha
  11. That maybe right but VT is a shitty place ha. I'd say delsym and the dramamine would fuck you up!
  12. go buy an 1/8th of mushrooms, or 2 doses of acid instead.

    dramamine is horrible for you.
  13. haha.. alright.. i just eat like 30 mins ago so ima wait bout 930 drink the delsym and walk up to the wawa acn cop what ever i can..

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