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    This is in know way going to be gramatically correct, so I appolagize in advance; im just kind of ranting. Also my thought process is going to jump around ALOT :D. So I'm really not who I want to be in life. I've just finished a job, required manual labor, and I've gotten into much better shape. I wanna stay that way but working full time is making it tough to work out although I know tons of people do it successfully. I'm starting school in january, college, going for architectural technology. I worry about my success, procrastination is an issue, I don't want it to be that way I want to do well. Also im not even sure im interested in this just trying to have a backup plan incase i completely fuck up. Last but not least im 19 don't no anything about myself, not sure what i like, who i wanna be all that jazz. Have alot of trouble with social interaction, aka im shy as fuck :(. The only thing i know for sure is that i LOVE listening to rap:hello:. Have advice for one of my problems? all of them? would love to hear it. Thanks for reading
  2. you're a simple man and you sound like myself. personally, i learn from experience and actually doing new things. don't let college take you over. it's not that important. i'm a college dropout, in a good way, because i actually took a job that pays more than what i would be getting with a degree. and i'm happy. when i was 19, i didn't really know what to expect comes next in life. i'm 25 now and as happy as can be and i don't care what tomorrow brings, all i know is that i'm looking forward to tomorrow. i'm shy too and my weed smokin friends only go so far. none of my friends are a part of grass city, and honestly they are not intelligent enough for grass city.
  3. What exactly does going to college for architectural technologies entail? Are you talking about a standard 4 year architecture degree? If you are, I would seriously, seriously consider another major. Architecture involves an incredible amount of homework and painstaking drawings. If you're just doing it as a "back up," and you're not dedicated and passionate about it, you won't last very long.

    If you don't really know what you want to do yet, don't declare a major at first. Just take some gen eds the first few semesters, and see what you like. There are an incredible amount of education and career paths you can take, a lot of which you probably don't even know exist. Just keep an open mind, try to make some good personal/professional connections, and enjoy yourself.
  4. Can't wait to be content like you man, hopefully i figure my shit out. and Jazzy its a 2 year, and i do find what ive read interesting, but would in no way call it a a passion.
  5. Life isn't about being yourself.

    ~It's about creating yourself~

    Find happiness in the smallest of things.

    I went outside this morning and stood still under all my trees as the wind gusted and 40+ leaves all began to fall all around me. I just thought wow this really doesn't happen often and its 70 degree Farenheit today and Im totally seizing the day with this great weather with a bike ride. /endrant
  6. Sounds pretty awesome actually lol, but ya I know what you mean about the creating yourself part. It's just to easy to be lazy, and i hate it I make the easy decisions to much of the time.
  7. This was me 3 years ago. Calm down, find a plan and stick too it. Oh and make sure that you do something that you love

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