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  1. Hi everyone. New to the site and growing as well. I have four going now. Cant tell what thay are yet. I dont even know the Im having a little problem though. I have a closet set up and i have them growing in side a tote in the closet. Thay are taller than the tote now and thay are starting to grow wider than the tote. Some leaves are touching the sides of the tote and growing up along the tote. I was wondering if i could tie them up. What i mean is tie a string or something around each plant to bundle them up so the leaves dont go everywhere. Should i do that or not? If so than how do i do it and what is the best way? i dont want to hurt them. I cant even barley see the dirt at the bottom of the tote anymore do to the growth of the leaves. I havent toped them or nothing. I will post some pics of them and whats going on as soon as i can. Thanks for any advice or tips

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