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me so high

Discussion in 'General' started by davekim, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. im so high. Just wanted to get that across to all the wonderfull ppl in the world. i wish i was an oskar meyer weinerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. cause something somethinggg soemthinggg. r u high?
  2. I am indeed my friend:D--------~
  3. I wish i was high rite now, But instead I got my lil brother and dad naggin at my all-fuckin-day long
  4. it gos i wish i was an oscar myer weeener that is wat id trul like to bee cuz if i was an oscar meyer weeener everyone would be in love with meeee!!!
    yup im high as a mutha buddy

  5. Exactly!
  6. Damn, i don't really remember typing all that shit. Just woke up right now, head throbbing. Now off to school.
  7. well damn whaddaya know i'm high too.
  8. im just gonna go get my stash
  9. Stoned and eating pizza. Mmmm, pizza.
  10. dude.. i'm hungry. i want a hotdog. and some pizza. i'm gunna go find something to eat.
  11. I wish I was high :(
  12. wWas high..., but I still am still, yea smkoked another bowl ! : D :D
  13. Snow Meens I can`t work today,so I had me a morning Bifta & It all looks so pretty out of the window.

    A winter wonderland
  14. High again, i love snow, makes everything look nice and clean. I think ill go eat some snow, what do u think.

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