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me...coughing...alongside excalibong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. Tell your friend I said nice coat ;)
  2. hahahah..yeah..its got big ass pockets that he keeps his shit in...

    i messed up his face, cuz i didnt know if hed want yall seein him or somethin...hes not quasimodo
  3. He needs a purse
  4. no comment.
  5. lol, look at that guy on the ground

    it looks like somethings after him!
  6. Maybe you should get himone for Christmas ;)
  7. i sat here for five minutes trying to figure out what himone was...i didnt have a god damned clue...some corn or some shit...then i decided just to get him a purse.
  8. That's so funny, when I was reading back through my post before I read yours, I was confused there for a second too ;)

    I have the giggles really bad tonight, I smoked a fat blunt andI laughed foreverr when my friend got stuck in a bean bag.
  9. how does one go about getting stuck in a bean bag?
  10. no, himone is what gets 'popped' when a girl loses her virginity
  11. I belive you are reffering to the heimlich, and i think namron_is correct...
  12. nice bong u got there, I too have a purple bong lol. Mine would be pretty fuckin big accept it is like designed so you can smoke out of it solo without haveing problems. If you would stack the 3 chambers it has ( a small chamber connecting to a double bubble, connecting to a regular tube) it would probibly be about 4 ft.

  13. They have these really huge beanbag chairs in their living room in a big pile on the floor and after we smoked a blunt his friend from a couple apartments down called and wanted him to come over and smoke another blunt and bring his scale over so he went to get up and when he stood up he was all wrapped in this bean bag and it got totally wrapped around his leg and he kept trying to shake it off but it was like a fucking boot and he tried gforever to shake it off and I was the only one that saw and it was fucking hilarious ;)

  14. hahahhahaa

    i was thinking more along the lines of smoking to the point of actual physical impairment
  15. i whipped up this dinner one night thinking I was gonna get stoney before i went out for the night...weeeelllll I put a little to much ganja butter on everything and ended up stoned dazed on the couch so bad I couldnt move at all..I had to try to pick my limbs up once and a while cause I wasnt quite sure if they were still really was funny as hell..I couldnt get over the fact that I was completely numb. all i could do was laugh, on the inside..
  16. you mean...??

    you mean....!!


  17. go down to the humor forum. I posted a joke there many moons ago about a cowboy in a bar who saw a women choking, pulled her panties down and ran his tongue up through her crack. She spit out her olive and the bartender said I always heard about it, but never saw anyone do that there hindlick manuever on a choking person.
  18. it needs be said...

    excalibong is the most famous bong in all of the city.
  19. good job digging up a 4 yr post lmao

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