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me...coughing...alongside excalibong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. ....self explanatory title there....the floor is now open for comments.

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  2. Lets have sex ;)
  3. know what they say about guys with big bongs dontcha?
  4. No, but I've heard what they say about guys with big purple bongs so I don't know what I was thinking ;)
  5. they get stoned quicker!.....

    (purple was the only damned color they had, i asked for blue or green..but hell no...'we only have purple!'...oh secure in my stonerhood.)
  6. I was just fucking with you, I have a purple bong too only mine is covered in pot related stickers
  7. thats what i plan on doing with mine...and various other whatever retarded stickers i can find.
  8. I always make whoever I go to the store with buy me astyicker ;)
  9. How much was that beast?
  10. like 40 something..and thats with shipping, lmao, when i got it, it looked like the box was too small and they had taped on an extension, it was raggeldy as hell, but when i opened it and everything it was still all good, and the best part the packaging and stuff was that edible kind.
  11. wow, all that including munchies for less than 40 bucks, where'd you get it? I need a new bong myself, old one broke during a fight with my g/f, who needless to say is an ex.

    she just doesn't appreciate the marijuana... sigh
  12. ordered it online, it made it in either a week, or 8 days...cant remember, it hits like a mother fucker though
  13. do you have help with that? it might be kinda tough to light and suck at the same time. nice bong though.
  14. that is some sweet asss smokin right there...i wish i could find a hiding place big enough to hide a bong that still in high school and live with my parents, so not this year...i have no idea what im high as a kite!
  15. yeah i need help with it, no one can reach the bowl and smoke at the same time..also its a slide throttle, so..yeah, help is goof
  16. still cant work the slide, we have a lighter rifle 3000 its like 8 feet long and shoots flame like a stoner lighter should.
  17. yeah, it made sense to me..good plan, might even try it
  18. iimmm soo stoned right now, eating pecan is
  19. i usually buy a half oz at a time, and ill either sit here and smoke it, or go chill with my friend, he always falls down when he gets usually lasts us about two days...

    here he is..on the ground.

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  20. nice piece man

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