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Me and Weed. Need help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tree_Head, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hey anybody reading this. I'm having a lot of trouble in my life and was hoping for some input.

    Weed is different for everyone and I know that, but I'm hoping someone that knows what I'm going through can help.

    So I love it. When I smoke on no tolerance I get so fucking high I seriously think I'm coming into an acid trip.

    Now I gain an insane tolerance literally the second or third time I smoke it is really a head game and I lose my fucking mind and can't control my emotions it is weird.

    I have recently quit smoking cigarettes and started smoking way more weed and now I feel addicted to it and without it I get super angry.

    Here is the thing. When I smoke I feel nothing.. But when I get mad I feel my head tingle and I get funky depth perception and feel blazed as shit... It's like being mad activates the thc... And if I smoke when I'm mad I calm down instantly but don't feel high at all...

    It is worth mentioning I was diagnosed with schizophrenia about a year ago. I'm 22. I don't know what else to say really unless you know what's happening it's impossible to explain.

    I know smoking weed being schizophrenic is risky and maybe it's that. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense I am having a breakdown and can't make words. I think I need a tolerance break but I literally can't bring myself to do it
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    You've got to figure out what weed is worth to you. because It does mess with peoples schizophrenia. I've got social anxiety disorder and alot of my family members are schizo, which means I will inevitably get it. Weed does alot for me artistically, so I've weighed my options and made a choice. You'll have to do the same, its tough.

    Tolerance breaks don't do ANYTHING for me, never have never will, its all or nothing for me, but maybe you should try the tolerance break you might be different, let us know how your doing and take care

  3. That is a gigantic understatement.

    I have several friends who are on permanent disability due to being schizophrenic. There is 4 of them and they all have it and they all like to smoke. There have been times where i have had these 4 individuals in my house and once one goes off his rocker, the other 3 follow very quickly and pretty soon i am left managing 4 dudes with schizophrenia by myself and normally i would tell them to fuck right off but these people are my friends.

    I have tried convincing them over and over to stop smoking but they don't listen, you probably will not either but regardless, i will say it. Smoking is going to further your advancement into schizophrenia, like it is going to make it worse, permanently. Whatever you choose to do with the drug is your problem, but understand that you are going to have to spend the rest of your life dealing with the consequences.

    Find a new hobby, your condition and this one do not mix well at all.
  4. take deep breathes bro dont freak out. it will be ok. This feeling will pass.
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    Schizophrenia didn't exist it's how intelligent people see if you have dimensia in your vocabulary.
  6. Man I think it's in your head. I used to smoke back as a teenager and would literally think I was going to die when I smoked. I felt like people where going to poison me and some more crazy shit.

    The weed I smoked at the time cost 25 a quarter and came with lots of seeds and was always compressed shit. Mexican brick weed.

    That in account I had never experienced paranoia in my life NEVER. So I continued to smoke and continued to get super scary paranoid feelings.

    Eventually I quit smoking weed and still had these feelings like shortness of breath and swore I was going to die. I even had my mom take me to the hospital a few times with perfect health upon departure from the ER. The paranoia triggered anxiety attacks which now was a new thing I had to learn to cope with.

    This triggered me to thinking everything I ate was poisoned yada yada yada. Time went on I continued to not smoke bud.

    Eventually I never died I got older 23 now but I learned to cope with paranoia and anxiety and I never took any pills. Believe me they tried to get me in some too. Lucky for me part of my paranoia would keep me from even taking Tylenol. It took me from 16 to 19 to completely loose all paranoia. I hardly ever worry about stuff now. I can also enjoy cannabis now. However some strains still nip me in the paranoia side but it don't bother me at all anymore.

    Guess what I'm trying to say is get control of your feelings and emotions before you hop on the bud wagon because if you don't you can't enjoy this beautiful plant. I understand you condition and I understand the brain and enough will power and effort you can control your brain quite effectively. It's like acid who would wanna trip acid rite after a run from the police and your in line to a haunted house. Your mind would fuck you night off.

  7. if you have schizophrenia I wouldn't smoke anything other than CBD strains and CBD oil. My opinion

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