Me and some friends got a kid busted,.

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  1. Lol still laughing about it.

    Well theres this weird kid in my grade, and asked me to get him stoned, he did it once befor and was a complete idiot. So me and some friends and him went back to a friends place at lunch, and ripped the bong, he had probaly 4 good bong hits. On the way back to school he was just fucked, could not stop laughing. We could of blind folded him with dental floss. We get back to school and class had already started. So me and a friend skiped because we would get suspended if we had another late slip. Next class im with the real baked kid, he comes in still chinked and laughing, and we had a substitute teacher and he looks like a stonner him self. He knew the kid was just fucked, hes like donny sit down befor you fall over. Then he got a teacher to come get him and escort him to the office. The cops were already in the office for some reason so they talked to him and then he just had to sit there n de back for the rest of the day. No suspenions are nothing. Probaly the funniest thing ive seen in my life.
  2. lol sit down before you fall over. I was about to neg rep you because i thought you like told on someone and got them in serious trouble but i guess thats pretty harmless haha.
  3. Lol! Getting kids who arn't used to bongs stoned on them is just funny, they get fucked on a few hits and they cough up bare.
  4. yo thats funny hope he doesnts rat u out i dont like snitchis
  5. blindfold him with dental floss...hahaha. must've been some relatively chill cops not to straight bust his ass on the spot, lucky.
  6. haha cops cant do much unless you got shit on you. noobs definatly should be careful with water bongs, i was fuckin gone my first time.
  7. Hahahahaha... that's fucking awesome.
  8. ARSE HOLE, you think fucking with some kids mind is funny. Ill bet your not even 18 , get back to fucking school kid.
  9. thats not that funny, why is it funny he got cought just cause hes a little weird. if everyone i smoke with who thought i was weird got me busted, id never be out of jail. just lay off people who are different, and getting anyone in trouble unless they genuinely deserve it is never funny.
  10. I dont find it funny at all. I was that weird kid, who despite some major ups/downs (drugs not weed) now earns a hella lot more than they do. plus smokes better dope
  11. Every stoner would of laughed if they were there. We did not do it on purpose, he said he wanted to get stoned, i did not think that was going to happen. As for cops being chilled, they are, its Canada. They cant do anything, noone had anything on them.
  12. I don't see anything saying the kid was the wierd kid. He wanted to blaze, they blazed him up, he was smoked retarded and couldn't handle himself while in school. That's what i got. And that would have been funny as shit, i would have pulled out the floss lol.

    EDIT: nevermind, re-read. and either way, so what if he was weird, i dont think that affected anything in this situation. They didn't fuck with him.
  13. I remember gettin stoned back in the day with buds. And the first time i smoked was'nt at school but, I laughed hard and was great school is a downer, smokin dope just made me forget the important things that I learned.
  14. That's pretty retarded and I'm also pretty damn far from believing it, no way that administrators/teachers (let alone cops) wouldn't suspend AND arrest him, question him, and then bust you and your stupid friends.

  15. I live in canada also and while I was in high school a lot of people would blaze during lunch or recess and no one ever got suspended, most of the teachers didn't care and the most they would do is make fun of you a bit.
  16. Lucky, if he were in my home town. (Where the Memorial golf tournament is held) He would have been escorted to the schools resident pig, and search him, while the administrators questioned him/accused him of drug trafficking. His locker would have been seized and searched for contraband, then his car. His parents would have been notified and the names of anyone else involved would have been extracted and then they would be subjected to the same shit. The stoned kid would have been suspended for a week(three-expulsion if anything was found) and been sent to Drug rehab classes(not like rehab classes per say, the ones you have to go to if you get caught at school.) The rest would get 3 days to a week depending on how high they acted/what they had on them.
    If in the unfortunate scenario, you have large amounts of pot on you, more than a quater oz, or 7 grams for the Canadians, you might be expelled or suspended for a maxium of 3 weeks with a mandatory 3 Saturday "workshops." anything more+paraphernalia you'd be taken downtown to juvy.
    I know this because the same thing happened to my, only with alcohol.
    We were lucky we made those screwdrivers in little sunny d bottles and were trashed before school started, but we got busted by the girl who got trashed by the 1/2 shot of vodka.
  17. When i said weird kid, i mean he has no friends and gets made fun of, i dont, i think hes one of those kids whod bring a gun to school. So i be as nice to him as i can, he wanted to get high, so he got high.

    Were i am its the 30 gram rule, if you are caught with 30 grams or less, than its posseison, 100 dollar fine and somtimes comunity survice, mabe drug councilng, and depends on your record but mabe probation. If you are caught with a pipe or something it wll normaly just be smahsed.

    If you are in school, it will be confinscated and a 3-5 day suspension will be enforced, our school protects you from the law,somtimes a cop will have a word with you. If you are supected for dealing, they will get the law involved. If you are caught for dealing its expalsion. If you are stoned with nothing on you, they keep you in the office till you de bake.
  18. happened to me except I got expelled for the rest of the year.. Luckily there was only 6 days of school left :) And I was charged with public intoxication. I didnt have anything on me either. not very fun
  19. Lmao that was a good read
  20. [quote name='mht091']Lol still laughing about it.

    Well theres this weird kid in my grade,

    And what grade might that B?
    High School ?
    C-Ya' til yer' 18 Bud....."The City" is NOT for kids ....Read the rules you agreed to...Ya gotta go :wave:

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