Me and my girl just broke up

Discussion in 'General' started by NeverMistakeMe, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. It was more of a mutual thing but it didn't end well, meh I still miss her. Kinda depressed but I smoked a few bowls and I'm not sure if it made it better or worse.
  2. Hang in there man!
  3. [quote name='"LSDForPeace"']Hang in there man![/quote]

    I'm all good now lol, been through it too many times _-_
  4. Not all girls are bad.
  5. sorry to hear that bro! the only girl I need is mary jane :smoke:

  6. :confused::confused::confused:
    Who said they were?
  7. But you can now jus worry bout dat money feel me
  8. keep your head up bro, plenty of fish in the sea. Keep busy itll keep your mind off of it.

    Also, Eve did make adam eat the apple....
  9. Look on the bright side. You're going to have 10x as much money.
  10. what dream reality do you live in??
  11. my condolences. i will share my policy with you concerning women. if she would not make a good freind as a man, she will not make a good girlfreind.

    i dont think all women are bad, but they all sort of suck similarly in varying degrees. they have a much greater capacity for evil and a much smaller capacity for intellect.
  12. Remember, with breaking up comes sadness but also inner joy from a feeling of independence. Go hit on bitches at the beach.

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