Me and My Fiance Just Broke Up.

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  1. We talked about it and both decided to end it. Its been really strained for the last few months and apparently we were just too young to work it out one last time. 2 years.

    She's pregnant with my child. I'm going into the air force in december to support them I guess, just have to man up and accept responsibility. I think she's probably better off without me and ill be happy knowing her and my child are taken care of and will be able to go to college for free. At least I have all the good memories.
  2. Support that baby
  3. At least you didn't need the toxic wedding invitations to take care of it for ya.

    After the babies born of course..
  4. Dude that is rough I'm sorry, seems like you're taking it like a champ, but I feel for ya bro, keep that attitude and you will be fucking straight. Next bowl will be for you man :bongin:
  5. Did you post here because you have guilt?

    Go and take care of your kid.

    edit: saw your plan to support them, i am proud

  6. What are you talking about man, sounds like he's going to the air force to support both his child and his ex fiance...that's what I read at least?
  7. [quote name='"Prism Tino"']Did you post here because you have guilt?

    Go and take care of your kid.

    edit: saw your plan to support them, i am proud[/quote]

    ....nice avatar bro, did you make it off of yahoo? :laughing:
  8. Well, based off what we were hearing from your last thread I would feel really good about the decision you guys made. It's gonna take more work having to bounce a kid back and forth but now you can be selective in who you spend your life with and in the long run will be less stressfull = worth it. Good luck dude!
  9. Shitty man, sorry it didn't work out..good luck it's good to see you are going to support the child:)
  10. Other thread??

    We'll, h
    1, y didn't you used condoms??
    2, take really care of that kid.after a few years later I'll hurt you more! Karma or not
    3, if your still felling guilt when going o the military,concentrate on being alive!
    4, yes
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    Nope. But thanks, bro! :) yours is cool too. Very classy.
  12. Keep on keeping on man.
  13. Ole' George Constanza self! :D
  14. Try not to die so that kid has a father of luck to u

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