Me and my bro :(

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  1. In a bit of a dilemma, well i have been for quite a while now actually :/

    Basically me and my bro have never been that close he's 10 years older than me, and a year or so ago moved back in the family home due to splitting up with his gf, we listen to the same music, watch the same films, both love to get pissed and get high, he slangs a bit of bud and smokes it every night.

    He has no idea I blaze and I've never really been able to tell him due to us being quite distant and scared to how he'll react, he use to fight a lot and get into trouble he's calmed down a lot now and has a son and just generally enjoys a nighttime toke and sells a bit for some extra cash... any ideas what i should do to get closer/tell him i smoke bud? :smoke:

    my friends say i should just go to him and tell him but that seems to be easier said than done any ideas?:confused:
  2. when hes smoking, go to wheres hes at, and take a Joint out or what ever and be like, whats good brah.

    lol, he will probably start hooking you up with blaze outs and bud

    or just be like, wanna burn some buds or what ever the common slang is by you.
  3. No one turns a cold should to a proffered bud. Go to him with a bowl of bud blaze him up.
  4. Leave a trail of jelly beans for him when he comes in the front door. The trail will lead to a joint (or any preferred toking tool), and a note saying "I missed you brudda." You guys blaze, turn around and follow the trail back to the door (eating jelly beans as you go), step outside, and have a brotherly bonding adventure.
  5. Get the dankest dankity dank you can. Even if it is going to cost you a bomb for like 1g. Next time he is blazing go out with it rolled up into a nice spliff and ask if he will smoke it with you.

    Proceed to get high and watch the films/music you both love. Trust me, it'll bring you so much closer as friends not just brothers.
  6. The way me and my bro started smoking together was when my bro found a sac of weed in my room. He smelled it and said it looked pretty dank and was like "i wanna try it" so that night we smoked together for the first time. thats how it happened for me

    as for you, you can either be direct about and go to him and be like "let's go smoke I've got this blunt right here and it's got your name on it" or something along those lines.
    OR you can be subtle about it, like go talk to him when your eyes are bloodshot or if his room smells like the chronic be like "*sniff* smells goooood in here"
    you know what I'm saying?
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    Hahahahah lmao

  8. First one is the ideal but think im gonna try ^underlined) thanks for the advice guys! happy toking <3 :smoke:
  9. Definitely hit him up for a bowl or a doob, and then hit it back to the crib for some good old video games.

  10. no problem man. just hurry up and do it cuz smoking with your bro brings you that much closer and also since yall have a lot in common you are gonna have a blast doing stuff with him
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    This. Don't be afraid, he obviously loves it too... Also, introduce him to gc once you have bonded. Maybe show him this thread
  12. DUDE! That's how me n my bro were too! Just tell him, be straight up, he will love you 10x more. Me and my bro are closer than ever and we blazed on the daily, it has honestly brought us soo much closer. Tell him bro, he is your brother, he can't disown you, he will prolly be psyched!
  13. Ask him where you can get some from?

    Hint, hint, nudge, nudge and all that...
  14. Just go up to him and tell him you know he smokes, you smoke and you want to blaze with him. Anyone that's older, will respect you being direct, and not pussyfooting around the situation, trust me.
  15. Just tell him. He's older and probably more mature then in the past. You shouldn't run into any issues, especially if you are older (18+) as well. It sounds like it would be a great thing to help improve your relationship.
  16. I think this would be your best bet.
  17. my bro knew i smoked when i stank up the house on super bowl sunday in '09... that shit made me laugh ahha he was like "Damnnn smells dank" and my buddies and i were just like "fuck". haha, and that was like a couple months after i first toked up :)

  18. Dude, just wait till u know he's high+your high, then go sit next too him. watch a little TV, and then be like all casual, "dude, if your as high as i am right now, you thirsty, lemmy grab u a beer" :D thats the way i told my older sister! :D goodluck broheem.
  19. Cheers everyone! gonna try it tommorow, gonna blaze a good few blunts and then go speak to him high as hellll.
    Keep toking <3
  20. I told my brother and we ended up getting a place together and we can do whatever. Believe me you should tell him. The only problem is that theres two of us and one xbox 360.

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