me and girlfriend broke up and want to chat with some stoners

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  1. didnt like me smoking chose mary j over this girl but fuck it i rather smoke and chill then love and kill haha idk but i picked up a case of sierra nevada and im just kickin it with a bowl..lets tell some fkn funny stoned stories lol:hello:
  2. we need more guys like this one
  3. lol i miss a females company sometimes. Well my dick does :p
  4. sup man drinkin some yuenglings gettin ready for the knicks game tonight! sucks about the girl but whatever, life goes on. Stay lifted!
  5. Gotta find someone who is cool with it next time. Oh well her loss

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  6. That sucks man, I probably would have broken up with her too. That is what's wrong today with the female population is too many are controling and try to force their views onto you. Mabie she will come to her senses and know she is wrong. Even if you were fine with giving up smoking the Mary Jane for her it's really the principle of the matter and in fact I would have done the same.

    But anyways I have a stoner story that is real quick me and some friends were hanging out one night and clam baking a car over a half oz of weed I had bought. Two of them went into the store to buy some munchies and one stayed in the car with me since we were too stoned to go into the store. Well, anyway we were just sitting there and all of a sudden Im like dude look at that cart over there. He stares at it with me and I'm like watch it's going to flip over. Surely this is exactly what it had done. The two others came out of the store and they were like WTF is that cart doing there on it's side. And I'm Dude I did that with my mind. LoL
    Since then we joke about me flipping a cart over with my mind. It's funnier when My friends tell it though they are better story tellers.
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    Here is a story for you bro:

    it was my sophomore year of college. I spent that entire year high as shit. So I had just finished my first class that day, and went to my friend's dorm room cause I usually smoked there between classes. But he wasn't there.

    So I start wandering around the dorm looking for somewhere to spark up.

    I stayed in this dorm my freshman year, so I was familiar with it. I ended up down in the laundry room: about 25 machines, and a little janitors closet area in the back.

    I check the door to the closet: unlocked.

    So I go in there and pack a gram bowl (sittin on an upside down bucket). I puff on it for like 2 minutes (big ass bowl), and I've gone through maybe half of it when I hear a group of people walk in to the laundry room.

    So I chill for maybe 5 minutes in the closet waiting for them to leave. But they don't, and I've gotta get to class soon.

    So I was like fuck it--I finished the other half of the bowl, adding yet more to the huge cloud of smoke in this hot boxed closet. I managed not to cough or make noise.

    I put my stuff away, and am looking at my watch. I really had to go, so I just open the door and walk out in a HUGE cloud of smoke. There are 3 girls and 2 guys chillin right in front of the closet door, waiting for the dryer to finish or something.

    I was like "sup", and walked out.

    The looks on their faces make me laugh pretty good to this day.
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    haha good story man.

    Reminds me of a similar situation I found myself in back in the college days..
    So I worked painting dorms over the summer at Umass Amherst, just a big group of kids going from dorm to dorm casually painting shit. It was actually a pretty sick job just boring as shit. Anyway, me and these two kids one day get the great idea to go up to the third floor away from everyone else and blaze out of this kid's corn cob pipe, locking ourselves in a random dorm room. (why we didn't just go outside idk) So we chill for a minute pass it around a few times, and all of a sudden there's a knock on the door.... now we're obviously fucked, nowhere to go, room smelling of weed, and some adults banging on the door. So my buddy chucks the pipe out the window and we open the door preparing for the worst. Thankfully it was just some maintenance guys or something, who I guess didn't give a shit, we just ran for it and never heard anything about it after. lol good times.

    oh and welcome OP
  9. after i started smoking, i've only once been with a guy that didn't blaze. needless to say that relationship didn't last long

    but hey, welcome:wave:
  10. I'd rather chat with your vunerable ex gf lol j/k

  11. Lmao!
  12. Yo man sorry about the girl problems, feelings suck but I have a story for you, just signed up haha:

    I was smoking a massive bong (4 foot) at my friend's apartment and it was like myself and four other friends and then the girl who owns the apartment. We were just smoking, getting stupid stoned you know, and we all hate smoking standing up so we were gonna give up on the 4 footer and sit down and smoke the 1.5 footer. Well there aren't enough seats there so she got this really old antique foot stool thing I guess, like those old fashioned little benches near a chair for your feet...... well my friend sat down, stoned as fuck, with all his weight and this antique thing just collapsed under him and he fell on his ass

    It was funny and we all had a good laugh being as zooted as we were
  13. That reminds me of another college story.

    It was me and two friends chill in with this huge bong made out of a huge acrylic map case. It was 3.5-4 feet long... Me and one other dude could smoke it on our own, everyone else had to have someone light it cause their arms weren't long enough (we smoked it sitting down, just tilted a good bit)

    A good 4 or 5 inch diameter--you basically slid your face in it to get a seal. Chin inside.

    I was one of the few who could fill it & clear it in one breath. (I used to play trumpet--huge lung capacity)

    We called it "Ron Jeremy"

    So anyway, my friends and I are sitting around smoking, and were talking about how alcohol dissolves resin. One of my friends decides to pour 3 or 4 beers into Ron Jeremy (after plugging the area where the bowl slides in), and drink it.

    Took him a good 20 minutes to drink it, and he had such a look on his face... Said that shit was nasty as fuck, but he drank it all. He got mad wasted too.

    Sorry this story isn't as funny as my other one :)
  14. I'm guessing she wasn't very hot.
  15. dude thats cool and all, but i really hope you had a deeper reason for breaking up besides weed.

    i mean this plant can be great, but it should be easy to give up if someone really means a lot to you.

    otherwise you're devoting your life to a plant, instead of life itself.

  16. ^The truth.:cool:
  17. that's a great kinda beer.
  18. it was deeper, just dont feel like puting my lifes story on what happen..crazy ass chick man..
  19. and i can understand you saying saying this if you knew everything that even happen,and how long me and this girl were even together. choosing smoking and having a peaceful life over fighting and day to day bullshit..i don't think i did anything wrong i understand what your saying but u know nothing about this girl and are past relationship peace out bro thanks for the wise words
  20. if someone has a problem with me smoking this dope we dont gotta like eachother cause it's who I am. I aint gonna change for anybody.

    Fuck a bitch

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