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  1. what's up everyone my name is C and am new to the whole nug running business. Me and my Girlfriend B just did our first nug run last night and I'm here to share about it but more importantly get some tips and advice for the future as I am starting to really getting into this. So we decided to run a quarter of some of the buds I had left. There was about 3.5 grams of some purp and 3.5 grams of some diesel. I can say I ended up adding about 2-2.7 more grams of the diesel while grinding up the buds. so total I'd say about 9 grams. We only yield 1 gram of product. Not even a full gram but a .9. I know not much at all but for a first run and not knowing a whole lot I'm pretty proud of something coming out. Picture included of what came out that's not all of it though. We did not have a Vacc purge or any of that but one is on the way for future runs. So beginning the run we just barely grind is the buds up ran about a half can of this really good pure butane. Then took out the buds let em dry grinded them up with more buds and ran another half can on that. We blasted on a dish with the silicone matt already on it and bathed that on hot water so all the butane evaporates. Came out like toffee then gardens up to what you see. It smokes just like every other good wax me and my girlfriend have smoked before and it Tastes pretty good and is very potent. So anyone have any tips or advice

  2. Under purged, you said vac is coming for future runs so that shouldn't be an issue after vac.

    If you have a toaster oven put it on the silicone mat and toss it in at 120 up to 150, 180 max. If you have a small torch( regular lighter works to but is slower and you will burn your fingers) you hold the flame at a distance that will melt the top layer of oil and release butane bubbles. It's takes a little practice to find the sweet spot without burning the oil. Running it in a hot enough state that it will move down the mat will release more butane to the top
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    I read that freezing your buds first will increase your yields a little. Unfortunately I haven't ever tried it side by side I read it after I had run all of what I had last year. Here is a pic of about 15 grams I made last year[​IMG]
  4. Definitely cannot wait for the Vacc set up to arrive, and yeah I seen something like that with freezing the buds I'll have to give it a go on my next run. I'm using this butane I will include a pic but is there any other recommended butane. I only had 2 options and went ahead and got the more expensive shit. Now not a millionaire here and have all this money to invest into a nice set up but I'm willing to drop a decent amount of bread to get something nice going. [​IMG]
  5. Always get the purest butane available is what I do.

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  6. So did good on that, how much product did you use to yield 15 grams
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    I didn't weigh it before but it was about a qp of White Berry which is a high yeilder for hash and it was just the trimming with small buds
  8. Freezing decreases yields. You don't pull as many fats and waxes
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  9. So you used one entire can of butane on 9 grams?
  10. Derived nah I didn't about 3/4 of it little over half.. Can anyone verify Canadianorganics info? And Redmud nice bro
  11. Google it.
  12. You want to get into the nug running business and you are only blasting 9 grams? You have to do ounces and pounds for any real success.

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  13. You need to get a butane without any smell or taste

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