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Discussion in 'General' started by Storm Crow, Nov 11, 2022.

  1. (If you don't know about her, see

    Cindy is my opposite number, an "Anti-Granny". We "have at it" on a daily basis in the Yahoo comment section in many pro-cannabis articles. Anyway, she is now questioning if I am "real" and am actually Granny Storm Crow. (She did this once before a couple years back).

    "If you are real, post "hi Cindy" on your FB page. Otherwise I will know you are Cluckie."

    Now since, I don't have a facebook page, nor do I want one, it is impossible for me to post on facebook. (A gal in Australia does one for my List, but all I do is send her the new List and she does the page). And I have explained this to her. So now she is going to rant, and go on and on how I am a bot. Meanwhile a lot of folks at Yahoo think SHE is a bot!

    Oh well, she does provide a lot of "pearl-clutching" BS about how no one should use cannabis for "fun" because cannabis isn't "true fun" and we are all "immoral and immature" for using it (I'm 75 and have used cannabis for over 55 years). In other words, she provides the perfect contrast to the studies and articles I educate with!

    Poor Cindy- she does more FOR the cause of legalization than she knows! It's fun to "play" with her! She never posts any facts, just her puritanical opinions.

    And just in- here's her stunning reply "Okay Cluckie."

    I have figured out what I'm doing next- I am going to start the studies section of the new List (coming out very soon) with "And just to prove to a certain fanatical prohibitionist that I am quite real and human, “Hi there, CB!”. It ought to frustrate her to no end! Although I am acknowledging her, I am not giving her the name-recognition and attention that she craves! :laughing:

    Well, I see she has replied, so I'm going back to "play" with her! Gotta get my fun in where I can! :rolleyes:

    Granny :wave:
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  2. There's a fine line drawn between opinion and facts.. that some folk are blind to.
    You're a teacher, you research and pass it on like a nice fat joint.

    Seems she only has her small town & mind level opinion and idealism.- something you'd find in the opinions section of a paper and find less funny than the cheesy comics on the same page.

    The thing about these straight laced simpletons telling others what they cant put in their body, while trying to force their dick opinions in, on, over, and all around you... is they are stuck in the 18th century and believe folks should go back to being puritans. No skin, no booze, no drugs, nothing that isnt sanctioned by your local cult/church.... essential oils are cool though,

    The old * doesn't hold a candle to your dedication and research.
    wouldn't pay that flea any mind.

    Puritans, plain and simpletons.
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  3. You shouldn't be concerned about what she thinks, you're above that.

    The only times I have issues with you is when you post medical advice, or try to nudge people in certain directions that could possibly do more harm than good.

    Aside from that, I do really appreciate how you post studies in an easy-to-find way, it can be very difficult to hunt them down and verify them, you make that simple.
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  5. Lol She Dumb. Get Her Storm Crow You Better Then Her.


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