Me and a friend want to start growing.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Newbie Toker, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Me and a friend want to start growin, in his loft. We reckon we got a budget of around £200 and quite alot of space, but we dont wanna fuck up the elec bill too much cause its fuckin expensive, what sorta size grow box and lights would we be able to purchase without raisin the elec bill by too much?
  2. flourecents light bulb.. or a 70 hps......
  3. how many plant did you want to grow?
  4. 3 or 4 at a time
  5. for a 3 or 4 plants.. u will at least need a 250watt hps....

    and if u use flourecent. u will need shit load of flourecent light for the plants....
  6. will a 150 hps hold its own for 2 plants? i was just told 3 or 4 plants in a 4x3x2 isnt a gd idea
  7. Last time was my first time, did 3 in 1.5x1x1 mt with 400hps.
    had to bend them all. Don't forget you need at least 1.5 ft between your tops and lamp!
    If you want little fat ones the room you have might be ok for 2, i'd still look at 250w min.
  8. 250W HPS, grow space 1mx1mx2m, 4 Plants will be ideal..

    good luck
  9. fuck that, we cant afford a hps light :p
  10. Well i thought we did, but really we have about 100 ish for everything, so i doubt we will be using a hps, how much dya reckon 4 plants with about 10 40 watt fluoros will yield?
  11. Damn there are some cheap lights on that second site of yours,

    400w HPS Sodium Lamp £14.03

    sure thats right?
  12. Are you Talking about at Tom's attic?
  13. damn, i forgot this was here, yes i am but its prolly gonna be in his room now, but dude if you say a word to any1 ima kick your ass :p
  14. You Won't Cuz I'll set my cru on you otherwise :-D

  15. Nah thats for the bulb alone, for the cheapest look at the budget grow lamps as I think tehy include the ballast but if not they do complete kits further up the page

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