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  1. I know that MDMA is a pure form, and Ex is usually cut with something.
    My question is, what are the differences in one's experience?

    I only tried Ex once (only half a pill) and I never want to try it again. I had the worst trip and the come down was unbearable. It made me feel like utter shit.
    But I have a friend who is scoring some pure MDMA and I am honestly a little interested in trying it... but I don't want to feel all shitty and sketched out the next day.

    Can someone shed some light on MDMA for me? Whats your experience like? Do you crash hard after?
  2. Well, rolls can cause really any sort of experience depending on what's in them so there's no way to know definitively what you're in for unless you pressed the pills yourself.

    But in general, pure MDMA is a lot less "speedy" than what you'll find in rolls. Every sense is enhanced tenfold and all social inhibitions are lost, often causing you to feel an intense euphoria and sense of well-being. That is the most boiled down explanation of what it feels like that I can give.

  3. MDMA is the chemical that is in rolls and molly, which are slang, Rolls are usually cut with stuff, and pressed into pill form, they differe based on the base on them, molly is pure mdma, and it produces a better high, and a stronger high, oh and a more pure high.
  4. If its pure I highly suggest getting it, I spent hundreds of dollars on pure MDMA and it did not dissapoint at all. The come down was very relaxed, not terrible at all. Next day no hang over, just felt really happy.
  5. I'm getting some molly tommorow and going to a concert... Is one hit going to get me going good? I've tripped shrooms a few times but I haven't used E or molly yet.
  6. Hit? Well the only way i have gotten it was in a crystal, then crushed it to a powder and licked it up. So Im not sure about a hit, maybe its comming in a pill.
  7. Sorry, I should have phrased that better. I'm going to take 100mg.
  8. its enough, decent pills are 80-120, most shit on the street these days is like 40-60. back when i was very into it and had a high tolerance, id have to take like 250-300 to roll my balls off, but they come down was terrible from that many pills. i took so many back to back that i still rolled for like 1-2 weeks afterwards, all i had to do is sniff some vicks and smoke a menthol cig or some weed.
  9. Molly (pure mdma) is the cleanest experience you will ever have in terms of ecstasy. It's super clean and much more sustained... Where as, even if you have good pills, you'll still get the side effects of whatever it's cut with, be it clenching of the jaw or any speedy feeling... MDMA has none of this, and while there is still a pretty sharp comedown and still a pretty bad morning after effect, it's nothing compared to street pills.
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    I tried molly for the first time last night and it was fucking amazing.

    A three hour full-body orgasm with visuals, music sounded amazing. Whenever i touched someone it felt like my hand kind of melted into them. Whenever the bass from the music hit hard, things would look like they were vibrating. I did it with my one of my best friends who ive known for my entire life and we told stories about when we were kids hanging out. There was no crash whatsoever, and im still feeling great today. Needless to say, it was great shit. And only 10 dollars a hit! (i took two)

    Basically it wass the happiest and most exited ive ever been. God bless you, molly:D.
  11. Sounds awesome man, I hope I have as much fun as you did!

  12. thanks i also hope that
  13. i just rolled some new yellow transformers the other day and they were fucking nice, I've never chewed em before and tried that this time and the come up was so intense I had to grab a glass of water and sit down for a second...

    then I walked into my roommates room and his sister was visiting, so I sat and talked to them and just felt hella at peace, learned a lot about their family and home and all that, it was way easy for me to keep a good convo was her first time to CA and the first real californian she meets has BLOWN OUT pupils, fat grin, enjoying the pleasant feel of the carpet ...and then she decided that she would roll since I was having such a good time and then we fucked for a long was sweet...

    one of the best pills I've tried so far, but a little speedy, I knew the only way I was going to get a bad trip is if I flipped out during the come up.

    hella interesting effects, my roommate's walls looked almost pinkish/redish when I wasn't looking at them, and they're off white...

    good times, seriously if you can get your hands on proper molly, go for it
  14. sounds like a awesome time

    I know what you mean by 'sit down and grab a glass over water'

    I love that part of the mdma high
  15. yeah I almost flipped out for a second, cause my other roommates don't drink or smoke or do anything really, so I couldn't exactly talk to them too much about it, so sitting down with a drink and looking at erowid is always a good way to reassure me, especially when the walls started changing colors and my hands were sweating like a mofo, ahaha
  16. Yup yup yuuuup.
  17. Jaw clenching, teeth grinding, can happend with pure mdma, but thats why u chew gum :p get a pack. Its a nessesity, try and smoke some herb to, but not till ur at ur peak ;P
  18. i prefer molly the majority of the time, i can do and be pretty much anywhere and enjoy myself. but if i eat a pill, i need a place where i can RAGE! concerts and festivals are prime places to take pills (good ones, of course) because they last longer then if if were to insulfate the same dosage of molly. molly doesnt give me the urge to be up and dancing and socializing as well as a pill can. its the speed that gives me that effect, and i like it, at times.

    with that said, if im going to eat or snort molly, i likes me a lot of it. ill consume upwards of a half gram somenights. but it depends on the occasion.

    so the major difference for me is how i wanna spend my time on MDMA. if i got a good long show to witness, ill eat a few pills. if im just chillin with a few buddies, molly is prime. but the circumstances arent always as such, so natually ill flip flop the two if need be.
  19. Hey dudez.

    I've been into X for a while now, but I've never had molly before. I've recently snagged a 200mg cap of Molly from an acquaintance, who gave it to me while on a road trip. Having already been rolling face from a White Playboy I eated a bit beforehand, I didn't take it. I'm very excited, though.

    My question is, should I snort it or eat it? A few of my friends tell me snorting won't 'waste' as much of the MDMA as eating it will, but I've also heard from people eating is best. I have some K to help with the nose burnings if I DO end up snorting it, but I dunno.

    Also, is it a good idea to mix pills and pure molly? I don't forsee that ending with much less than win... My plan is to take one of my more pure pills and eat/snort 100mg of Molly at an upcoming event with a lady friend, who will also be taking a pill. I want this night to feel amaaaazing.

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