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Discussion in 'General' started by KushFarmer, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hey fellow GC tokers... and ways i just smoked a nice doobie from a quater of Green Crack i picked up a day or two ago. Pondering my latest acid trips. 4 in the past 6 days. and an 8th of mush combinded on two of those trips. anyways in my life time ive done alot of drugs.. most things to be honest.. nothing like Herion or meth. however this is not really the point of this thread.
    Any one like mdma?
    any experiances?
    any luck with mda, if so what would you say this phyicidelic is like?
    any ways toke on
  2. great substance.
    lots of physical and mental energy, connection with others, delicious sensory input.
    from what i've read, mdma metabolises to mda. i've never come upon mda in its pure form, although it's out there.

    i enjoy walking around on a roll, talking about millions of things with friends; blissing out in a blankets and feeling waves of the body buzz while listening to music; doing blow and feeling on top of the world (dangerous combination, dubbed the "heart attack" by some, exercise caution.)

    it combines great with acid and mushrooms. pot is also sweet while flying high on mdma.
  3. dope man sounds like good stuff.. i really woudld't mind getting my hands on mda ... im in van so i could maybe look around a few corners...
  4. thizz is what it izz bro! hell yeah that my fav drug ever. theres a small group of us rollers here. check out smokentokes thread bout us thizz kids.
  5. its a combination of all good feelings possible.

    Sometimes more visually trippy than others...

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