Mdma by myself?

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  1. Hi, I want to do MDMA for the first time and I want to know how I will act on it and how I will feel while on it. I can only do it by myself, which is fine from what a friend told me. I need some other opinions on it though. I want to take it alone, in my room with nothing but water, some food, a movie or two, and some music. I still live with my family as I finish the last few months of high school so I won't be able to take it if it'll make me dance around and will make me feel like talking out loud. I'm hoping for a kind of experience that'll improve my life for the better, and will not get me in trouble with my parents (my dads a cop...) Any advice for a first timer who will BE ALONE for the trip will be greatly appreciated. Also, how long will the effects last? And I have no choice but to do it by myself, so if it's a stupid idea don't flame please, just tell me that you advise against it. Please say some other things that'll be helpful for me other than the fact I shouldn't be alone if that's what you're going to say. Thanks!
  2. My first time I did it i was with my friend abd right after we ate them we smoked a blunt and then he went to sleep, WTF? it didnt even hit him yet but whatever his waste of money not mine:)
    well anyways then mine hit me like a train and pretty much rollin by yourself is great because the euphoria feels way better then when your at a club dancing around cuz then your not thinkin hey im on extacy, but when your alone you think that and can enjoy the high for hours.
    Also the second time i rolled i was by myself....agaiin! And i actually solved some personal issues with myself and just really got to know myself i guess.
    Bottom line rollin by yourslf is the second best way to do it.
    The first is to do it with a friend of the opposite sex so you can really get close to them and get to know eachother. Or maybe a friend if you wanna stay up all night talkin about useless stupid nonsense thinking its the most important thing you've ever said 3 times in a row lol:smoke:
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    You alright mate, well ive give you my piece on it!

    First thing first, dont be so boring! ;) Get some nice flavoured drink going on, something light, just some gatorade or something fruity! Secondly, You wont feel like eating while on it or after it at all. Puts you right off, well for most people anyway. Makes my stomach feel like the size of a golf ball! If your parents are going to be around in the house, then its a STUPID idea, you will look off your face with saucepans for pupils and your jaw slightly tensed. I've never tried it by myself, thinking about it. Im not sure if i would, i can see good reasons to do it, but also reasons not to. Especially for the first timer. If you feel that you have to be alone then so be it, but if i was you, for the first time i would prefer to do it with a really close trusted companion or friend! That way, you can almost take care of eachother as it were, and it will be equally a gaining experience aswell as a very solid friendship building block! Almost a bond as it were. just make sure you've got something to get involved with after you've dropped your md. TV isnt that much fun whilst on mdma, jars the eyes a bit. Music is good, mainly dance/ drum and bass whatever you feel though man, its your trip! Once youve dropped it, as hard as it sounds try to completely forget you've done it and not think argh when am i gonna start feeling it?? Oh its been half an hour. Because it'll just make it harder alot of the time.

    Hope i helped somewhat ;)

    Edit: HAHA! person above me, fucking funny stuff.

    "The first is to do it with a friend of the opposite sex so you can really get close to them and get to know eachother. Or maybe a friend if you wanna stay up all night talkin about useless stupid nonsense thinking its the most important thing you've ever said 3 times in a row lol "

    Somehow i can relate to exactly that! Sometimes so buzzing i can barely spit the words out ;)
  4. Ohh nd if you wanna not get caught follow these simple rules there very simple
    -lay in your bed with the lights off listening to your ipod
    -dont look directly into your parents eyes
    -chew gum (so they wont ask why your clenching your jaw)
    -Shine a very bright flashlight directly into your pupils for 1 min it will shrink your pupil size (only if you wanna though i dont cuz it hurts lol)
    -dont start calling your friends at 1-4 in the morning just to tlk to them about nothing, because really if your dads a cop and he walks in your room in the A.M and your tlkin to a friend on the phone about stupid shit and he sees your pupils your fucked.
    -Whatever you do dont start having big conversations with your parents or keep continuously tlkin to them (also a giveaway)
    -If you have a urge to dance just nodd your head up nd down instead
    -dont cuddle with your parents lol (really if you start telling them you love them and cuddling with em there gonna know)
    Hope this helped best of luck with tht roll
    Wish i had one right about one........:(
  5. bro what you need to do it get some tree and a lot of Marlboro smooths and just chill in your room and do what ever you feel like doing.

    when your on Ecstasy everything you do is fun.

    A couple years back i took off from my parents house,and i was chillin with a bunch of people and my friends moms boyfriend witch she just met was over and he was drunk of his fuck in mind and he just bought like 10 rolls.(white Gs up Hos down Triple stacks)

    And it was his first time doing it,but i was like shit i really want a fuckin roll,an so i was like hey what do i have to do for a roll,and he said if you can do more push ups than me ill give you a roll,lol no joke this guy was fucked up so i was like hell ya.

    I ended up doing like 60 witch was incredibly hard,he was just like holy shit i cant do that and ended up giving it to me,so now im all happy i downed my roll,just chillin out in the patio with a bunch of people rollin,smoking stoges an blunts an having a good time.Then all of a sudden a piggy rolled by the house,straight up creeping.

    So everyone runs down to the basement including me,were my friend was sleeping,we were chillin at his house an hes like what the fuck is going on,and every ones just rolling face and like there's a piggy that creeped by,an hes all pissed,an he says that's why you don't chill out in the front patio.

    So he kicked every one out and i was like hey lets get the fuck out of here,an i was like lets just go around back and go from there by no my friend wanted to go through the we do that start up the car and drive like 5 feet and woop woop there's the piggy.

    He comes up to the window and asked for my name and i said yupp thats me,now remember I'm still rollin face and i have a 1/8 of some tree in my sock.asked me a couple of questions then took me in to the car and drove me to the station,locked me up in the holding cell and kept me in there for about 2 hours,and I'm still Rollin face and even with all this bad shit going on I'm still having a good time lol,having conversations with the cop.finally he took me home it was like 4 in the morning when i got home an i was still Rollin and i just smoked a bunch of pot alone in my room and had a great time.

    Anyways the point of the story is no matter what or were you are most likely your gonna have a good time if you have some good E.And you reminded me of when this happened so i just felt like sharing this story.But don't worry about anything and just down that roll and have a good time.

  6. Thanks so far, guys! Can someone also tell me how long it's going to last? I plan on doing it at night so I don't need to worry about my parents but I don't wanna have it last for like 15 hours on me, which is what some girl in my french class told me. Also idk if this is relevant or not but they're called mollies. The guy says they're only MDMA without other stuff in it like extacy has.
  7. Well that girl in your french class doesn't know what she is talking about,if Ecstasy lasted 15 hours that would be so great.

    But most of them last for about 4-8 hours if your taking it at night don't plan on going to sleep.

    Everything you need to know. You'll peak roughly three hours in and after that it's all downhill and you should pretty much be able to act completely normal.
  9. Also, it isn't the MDMA that will keep you awake. You can only not expect to sleep if you have pills cut with ampethamines, which most are because people just can't do straight business.
  10. Yea the chick in French talks a big game so t speak. After the 8 hours or so will I feel any kind of burnt out feeling like with bud?
  11. Go for it, it can be very mind enhancing I think. But keep a phone nearby incase you want to talk to the outside world, which i always crave and is usually the best part of the roll.

  12. o ya,rolls give you a huge fucking burn out,youll feel like someone took a part out of your brain in the morning

    i remember this one time i was doing rolls for like 3 days didnt sleep at all,and after that i think i had the most burnt out feeling ive ever had in my whole life.
  13. Yes you can do it by yourself.It is fun also.
  14. i've never had a comedown, but if you're going to do it by yourself, you can either chew and swallow (which i like better) or just swallow

    the only thing that might freak you out during your first time is you're going to notice your hands sweating, a mild nausea, vision blurring and a semi rapid heartbeat. If you start to get worried, just make sure you have a nice cold glass of water on hand, and sip from that, go on erowid, read the standard effects of ecstasy and feel reassured cause they're all the same as what I just mentioned, but having it right in front of you will keep you from freaking out.
  15. first time I rolled I did it alone. had a blast

    put on some good techno smoke some weed take a walk you will have a fun time
  16. doing the same thing tonight on hopefully a mdma capsule. Well see.
    im also from jersey to. weirddd

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