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MD OG kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by minaki343, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. picked up for 100 1/4 sorry bout the shitty pic had to use my phone... dont have any other camera... but what do yall think?

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  2. 100 for a fourth is a little steep where I am but maybe its all good in your area. The buds look nice....:eek:
  3. thanks man... yeahh thats pretty good for here in MD... good name brand headies usualy go for 140 a 1/4
  4. Nice pickup, and that price is pretty decent for the quality of the bud, even with a camera phone it looks quite resinous. It looks pretty similar to my OG Kush and I'm in Mass. I absolutely love this strain, in fact I'm smoking it right now :smoke:. You get tons of kief from it too. Theres a picture of my OG Kush in my thread in sig if you want to compare, but I think they look pretty alike.
  5. :eek::bolt:......I just picked up 13.5gr for 110 bucks......... Im so happy for Cali prices, I think Id stop if I had to pay prices like that
  6. thanks man... i tested this stuff out last night and it had me baked for a good hour and 45 mins... and then an extra 30 mins of a gentle comedown... that really looks almost identical.
  7. haha yeahh... id honestly rather smoke decent mids or beasters than pay 140 for a 1/4
  8. The high of it is so pleasant, and It has recently become a favorite of mine even though I haven't even tried it before about 2 months ago, and I haven't not had at least some of it since then.
  9. haha indeed... i love the high... i was watching this cheesy japaneese movie last night and it was super hard to pay attention to the movie my thoughts kept wandering and it was actualy quite an introspective high...

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