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MD/DC/Bmore where you at?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by slappersonly, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. 301 area here. Can always get some good ranging from schwag(10/g) to dank(20-30/g), of course the more you purchase the better the deal. Any sweet places I should visit while high? I personally like going to the huge parks around the area.
    Anyone down to make a smoke session? I'm talking BBQ + games + music (instruments anyone?) + marijuana.
  2. AA County here
  3. college park after dark

    but fuck the terps
  4. haha yea they aren't doing so well. What HS did you go to?
  5. yo, down river road...towards poolesville. its a great adventure. its a straight ass road u can go 130 mph no cops...and ull see this church on the left, and if u go into the woods on the right, walk about a mile, and ull see "the golden temple" its what me and my friends call it. its insane i didnt even know it was there. its so lunchin and u can like feel spirits n shit around when ur super high. check it out its good shit.

    heres the address: 18400 river road
    Poolesville, MD 20837

    the "Kunzang Palyul Choling Tibetan Buddhist Temple"
  6. Not quite Baltimore, but on the Mason-Dixon line on the PA side. 30 minute drive on 83 south and I'm there.
  7. hey man im in pg county md.......and im into music(bas guitar along with a couple more instr...near the charles county line....hit me man chill and have a session one day
  8. Maryland line area now. Rep essex and dundalk tho cause thats my home. Right now i live in the sticks so its so easy to grow your own cause no-one bothers you. But its boring as fuck!!! Anyone kno wat im saying?
  9. AA County Here!
  10. you live in dc and u pay up to 30 a gram???? The best dank is 20 a g in Brookland DC....
  11. 410 reppin Calvert. White Owls all day!
  12. In the 301 myself, always picking up some tastey stuff =)
  13. @Erick: I'll deff. have to check out that temple! Sounds awesome.

    @Gangaboy, living in the woods does have its ups and downs. Think of the epic tree forts that you can make though.

    This can't be all of us, where you GCers at?
  14. Im from Towson, and they get dank nuggets all the time, Baltimore county has some nice buds
  15. slappers that gave a great idea. thank you for your input. im fucking high as kite right now man of some homegrown thats dank as fuck!!!! i'll deff have to hit you up sometime

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