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mcurry & critter

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. When is the best stage to clone for best results?

    I have always just reseeded in the past because of having enough room to have several plants growing at once. I now want to try cloning.

    Cloning should give me a 100% females and would cut down on guessing weather my plants will turn out male or female.

    Will I still need males to pollenate the clones?
  2. No need for males, best time to clone is just before you start the flowering, take care to mark which plants you took the clones from.
    Once the "mother" plants show signs of sex (approx two weeks) you can keep the clones from the females and get rid of the "male" plants and clones. Then all you have left are female clones. These you can then clone again and you know for sure they are all female.
    good luck
  3. Thanks for the quick responce and information.

    Can you just keep recloning or at some point do you have to replant?

    I have cloned other vegetable plants before. after a couple times of cloning replanting has to be done to keep the yeild up.
  4. I have very rarely cloned, however i personally know someone who has cloned for three years now! all originally from one female.
  5. That would be easier and faster than replanting. I am going to clone next time and see how things go.

    Thanks for the information!
  6. Critter, I thank you! and have a truly great xmas and new year!
  7. Thanks my friends. I knew ya'll could help this hillbilly out! lol

    Critter, I have grown from seeds for years. I have had several girls turn south (so to speak). Most of the times that happened, It was out of the same batch of seeds. Was that the same with you as well?
  8. Mine were as well. That could be the reason for having so many at certain times.

    Thanks mate!

    G'day to you as well!

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