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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GottaLayLow, May 7, 2011.

  1. So yesterday, I had just recently smoke a couple blunts and reeked like the sweet smell of marijuana. I was feeling a bit hungry, so me and my friends go to Mcdonald's. The place is fairly packed with teenagers.

    So it's my turn to order, and I thought I had my mind made up on what to get (McDouble, 2 Apple Pie's, and a McChicken). I order what I had in mind. Then all of a sudden, I get an urge to munch out on McDoubles. So I change my order to 3 McDoubles and a large drink. We go to that McDonald's whenever we are baked.. They always know and start talkin shit in spanish behind the counter. (Little do they know, I take Spanish IV.. I know my Spanish). Back to the story..

    So the cashier seems pretty mad about changing the order, and I kinda laughed to myself about something else cause I was stoned. I think she thought I was laughing at her.

    But I go to get a straw and some ketchup, and didn't notice that the guy was mopping up the floor. Me and my friend's pretty much re-dirtied up the floor without noticing til later.

    And about 15 minutes later, I get my order. 3 McDoubles, and a large drink. I get to my seat ready to eat, and take out the first McDouble. Something wasn't right. The wrapper seemed pretty greasy and dirty, not like the regular clean McDouble I get.. but I eat it anyway. I start noticing the the Ketchup is pretty watery and weird and it's dripping all over the place. Tasted pretty funky too. I just kept eating it. Couldn't finish the first one cause it tasted weird. But yea pretty much after eating like 2 1/2's of them. I just threw them out.

    Right after eating them, I got the worst stomache ache. So yea, now I kinda suspect that they spit in my food. Pretty positive about that actually, because I'm quite sure the McD's employees hate us.

    So kids.. Moral of this story: Don't piss off the people handling your food.

  2. Should have kept the McDoubles with specimen in them and used them as evidence to report them for tainting your food. Ah well, you'll get 'em next time champ.
  3. What SmokeSin said.
    Go back, piss them off, get evidence, sue them, get money :D
  4. Just like in fight club

    We clean your toilets, serve your food, mow your lawn, we watch you when you sleep...Do Not Fuck With Us!!!

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