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  1. Just got my mcig. Took two months for this shit to get here and guess what...Doesn't fucking work!

  2. Just got my mCig, model 2.0. It was having issues, it's working intermittently. But I contacted them and their customer service is really good, they're sending me another one free of charge. Here's what I make of it so far -
    It's a $10 pen vape for raw herb with adjustable voltage. And it's surprisingly sturdy. Nice silicone mouthpiece too. When it works, it really works too. Honestly the thing is really well designed. I was shocked at how nice it felt for something that cost me $10.
    However, it's not that reliable, and the heating coil can tear out easily if you're not careful. And like I said, mine was kind of DOA, though I've been able to get it to work on and off.
    So, waiting on my second one. Over all, it's totally worth it for $10 considering they'll replace it for you get a dud. As long as you get one that works you'd be surprised at how nice it is for how little it costs. But I guess that low profit margin means they can't afford a  quality control team over there...
  3. Two of my friends got one. The first one worked and the second onehasn't been used yet. I might get to try it tomorrow for myself so I'll provide details.
  4. Does anyone know what kind of battery the mCig uses or if it could be used with another attachment? The variable voltage might make it incompatible with another cartridge, but if the threading is something standard (like 510 threading) then it could be used with a number of different attachments.
  5. just got mine, ill post soon.
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    Your own fault for buying a shit vape.bro

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  7. I just got mine yesterday, honestly works amazing. I mean clearly it's not high quality $300 shit but it works and it gets me stoned. Plus it passes as an e cig

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  8. I got mine almost months ago and was still on the fence. I got the glass pack for it and man, what a step up. I highly recommend the mcig with glass kit. The price is right.
  9. @[member="NugJar"]
    Do you use the glass screen AND dry herb pak or just the pak?

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