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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by D Cash 420, May 26, 2010.

  1. just wondering if anyone out here collects or is interested in mcfarlane sports picks at all. i have a decent sized collection of open figures (40-50). let me know if anyone is interested in sharing collection photos, trading figures, or taking about the new figures at all.
  2. What sports do you have? I've been thinking about buying some Basketball McFarlane figures lately.

    Do you know about Starting Lineup figures? I used to collect them back in the day, I have about a hundred or so, all still in the package.. they're not worth much though, at least I don't think.
  3. about half of my mcfarlane collection is football, the rest are baseball and basketball. i have been opening all of those figures.

    i do have a bunch of starting lineups from when i was younger. my brother and i were big time collectors. they are still in the packages but have been boxed in the basement for the past few years
  4. Yea I think the McFarlane figures are better appreciated when opened because of how realistic they look. I am definitely buying some McFarlane basketball in the near future, the new KG in warmups, Durant, KG dunking w/ Timberwolves, maybe a few others.

    Do you know if you have any valuable Starting Lineups?? Mine are all boxed too up in my attic. I think my most valuable one is a '89 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The rest are just players I like, nothing too special.

    I'd love to know what Starting Lineup figures you have, I might would like to buy a few from you if you're not interested in them anymore.. Just let me know

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