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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by McDuffeexpress, May 15, 2010.

  1. Just so I don't need to keep posting new threads every time.

    1. I'm on day 4 of 24hr's can I start 12/12 just to make the process go faster, If it does work like that, how long till I'm curing?
  2. I would look in the search , but every time I do it gives me the same list of everything.....even in advance search and I don't want to waste time looking through thousands of pages that most don't have to do with what I'm looking for ever.
  3. what strain? what lights? what soil? you can but it's not recommended. it will decrease yields and sometimes potency. it can also stress the plant. but yes, you can...
  4. Am I reading this right?....your plant is only 4 days old? You need to veg longer than that, throwing it into flower right now would not yield much at all and the potency would be affected as well. As a beginner grower I'm learning that patience is a virtue, but it's tough.

    Now, if it's a 4 day old rooted clone from a mature mother, you could probably flower it now. But, again, yield will be lessened.
  5. I already messed that up by turning them out tonight like 15 mins ago. My light started flickering. I got kinda freaked out that they we're staring to wear out, since they've been on for 4 days straight.I don't know maybe do the 16/8 thing that might be a solution. I heard that's a smarter option anyway? She blew up to her 7th in. I keep the light like an inch away to and find myself moving it up some so it won't get burned every 5-8 hours :eek: . I think whatever I did up until now was the smartest thing I could've done you are right sir patience is a virtue.Those lights we're still flickering though so I had a good enough reason.
    anyway I'm high and it looks like a write a lot more on these reply's than usual. Especially with something that could have been easily said like this

    "Lights we're flickering ended up turning them off for the night, maybe start them on a new cycle like 16/8 instead of 24/0 hopefully they'll do fine."

    But that way you just don't seem to get the whole picture as to exactly what's going on, so you know how to better help a fellow grower.umm... yeah that's about it......If you actually finished this and get to this part, rethink re-reading it in a Yoda voice....should pick up a mask at walmart to do a video of reading this and talk it out like CP-3O with a Yoda mask on, but still in your head re-read it in a Yoda voice while thinking of a family guy script.



    I don't even know what smiley that is I just clicked one but forgot which one, I don't want to go all the waythrough them though thats a lot of work just to figure out which smilie I actually used.

    Im still in a total dilemma about the whole light situation I can't have it burn out on me?

    gypsse pyramid , bitch!

    that was the one beer in me speaking.The whole bitch thing cause I

    I hate to drink, pass me a doobie and I'm set.

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