McDonalds opens first outlet in Vietnam

Discussion in 'Politics' started by forty winks, Feb 8, 2014.

    Making the world safe for capitalist expansionism.

  2. Yeah! They shouldn't have any choices on fast food! Let them eat rice. Stupid foreigners this is why we need a wall around America. Keep all of our awesomeness in, and stupidity out. Hope and change hope and change hope and change!

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  3. It will probably serve mostly American tourists. 
  4. After the initial flood of curious people I agree. Although Mcdonald pretty smart. They will serve dog if they have to.....seems like dog here already

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    Let's hope.
    I agree!  American tourists are tasty on a sesame seed bun.
    ya we wanted change, now we need change...
  8. In other news vietnamese obesity rates hits all time high..


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  9. I've been to Vietnam 3 times, and despite my best efforts, I have yet to find dog on a menu..
  10. I'm jealous I'd love to go

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  11. Eat some Mcdonald and all :)

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  12. Obesity debate on McDonalds was already settled by Dave Chappelle.

  13. I love mcdonalds! Too bad im allergic to it :(

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    Part of the capitalist-imperialist agenda to take over the world, in part by weakening the global immune system and then selling countries vaccination protocols and diet video ;)
  15. Or it could just be human greed?
  16. Yeaaaaaaaa. No.

    Do you even know how mcdonalds started?

    Poor people open a shop. Thanks to capitalist innovation they climb their way to the top and create a global empire

    Mcdonalds is a shining example of why free market capitalism is great.

    You anger is misplaced

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  17. this. Mcdonalds just wants money. And people want cheap junk food.
    Its not
    A conspiracy
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    Did you overlook the ;) in my post?

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