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Mcdonalds might take double cheese off dollar menu

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Litew8stoner, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I know this aint got much to do with herb but as a seasoned toker i love to gobble down double cheeseburgers and i love the price.

    If mcdonalds does this fuck them.
  2. They can't help it, they're losing too much money because food prices are going up. All that corn being converted to ethanol is driving up corn prices which means more expensive to feed cows. So meat gets more expensive, cheese gets more expensive. They probably won't take it completely off the menu. Most likely slap another 15~20 cents on it like what Wendy's does with some of their dollar menu items.
  3. The McDo near my college adds 30 cents to everything on the dollar menu after 9pm. I was kinda peeved when I realized that.
  4. Eat something healthy instead.
  5. ya man, i am done eating at fast food.
    i worked at mcdonalds, and ill be honest, that food is not what you would call "fresh" in the least.

    just go to the store and get some food to cook, much more filling and much better for you.
  6. mcdonalds is raping america

  7. Im fucking cracking up over the cats impersonating fear and loathing in las vegas
  8. :,O there's no way they would to that to america...they...they couldn't...

  9. If they do...GC must plan a mutiny and take over
  10. i agree.
  11. Speaking of Mcdonalds,

    Here is a link for a free sotuhern style chicken sammich with the purchase of a medium or large drink. You need a color printer to print out the coupons...

  12. They've already succeded in making 30% of us obese, you think they care about you?
    They'll take your dollar and ask you to shut up and eat your cardboardger.
  13. well im not fat so i really dont care :] its better than making it myself
  14. that's gonna suck if they do take it off the menu
    that' burger has been a right of passage after every session it's a tradition to go there

    and cheap haha

    well since we're talking about mcdonalds i decided to visit their website and i noticed paul guy on the website and he reminds me a lot of myself especially when you click on the poster next to him where it says visit paul's pad

    what do you think about him?
  15. one more reason to say fuck mcdonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and rofl i picked a little sumthin from my buddy in a mcdonalds parking lot today
    kindsa funny ?
  16. I love how only a website that deals with weed would ever have this on a forums and to have 2+ pages worth of replies...
  17. mc donalds and co is why 90% of americans need a fucking crane to get out of bed :D
  18. fuck mcdonalds, it tastes terrible and is unhealthy. just buy some ground beef and make it yourself.

  19. LOL

    its macdonalds for fucks sake, its the dirtiest food known to man

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