McDonalds fucked me three times in a row!

Discussion in 'General' started by ThePhantom, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. That title doesn't sound like it came out right... I'm really high right now. I'll leave it like that. Okay, so the last three times I ordered at McDonalds, I had ordered high, and I had always ordered a cheeseburger, ketchup and mustard only. These three times, they always fucked it up, keeping the pickles and onions on. Three times! And this time when they did it I went back up and paid for another one, but made very clear that I wanted ketchup and mustard only. I did not ask for a free one because I was paranoid and thought they were messing up my order cause I've been high there all the time, and that they would spit in it or something along those lines, so I just paid for another. If that one had been messed up, I would've asked for like one or two free, but they finally got it right.

    Also, my friends and I were eating and everybody knew we were high cause we were acting high. It was fun. We didn't use clear eyes cause we wanted to make a point that being high is okay. Yep.
  2. Maybe try saying "No pickles, and no onions!" instead, and maybe they'll get the point. :p
  3. QFT. I cook in a kitchen and -on, -p is what you want bro.

  4. sometimes me n my friend will go to fast food places and go in and say they jacked our order up earlier n get free food

    and payin for an order they messed up 3 times in a row is bitch, get some balls, all you woulda had to do is go up there, be like "i asked for no pickles and onions" show em that there was pickles n onions on ur burger, n they woulda gave u another one for free
  5. That's technically fraud in the eyes of the law, dude. Don't get caught doin that shit.
  6. lol, yea one time me and some friend went to McDonals and ordered through the window. I let the guy in the back get the food because he orders most of the stuff and paid for it. When he saw his cheeseburger was wrong he through it back into the window and the guy and I just halled ass out of there.
  7. yea i dont really do it, most of the time my friend does it for me

    haha taco bell hooks it the fuck up, he says that they put sour cream on a taco n his girlfriend is allergic n took a bite and is in the hospital, they give him like 20 bucks worth of shit
  8. 2 stories:
    1st...I ordered a cheeseburger with NO PICKLES. When I got it, I had a cheeseburger--- with no burger. Two slices of bread, ketchup, mustard, onions and...yes, you guessed it-- PICKLES. Lol. It was McDonald's attempt at a Veggie Burger :rolleyes:

    2nd... I used to work at KFC. When I left, I would make food for myself. Well, I didn't want the same thing over and over again, so I would mix it up: Mashed potatoes and kernel corn, mac'n'cheese with a topping of cheddar cheese. Aaanyway, I fixed a meal of like, a grilled twister wrap (just lettuce and honey mustard) cheddar cheese mac'n'cheese and potato wedges. Anyways, I had one foot out the door, the bag of yummy yummy (FREE:D) food waiting at this little area where the cash register is, and as i grab my jacket, head to the door, and look for my food...i couldn't find it! Someone passed off my food to an unsuspecting customer...:eek:
    Thankfully, she gave it back (with a really confused face)....god, I miss getting free food!!
  9. fuck mcdonalds i throw my shit on the floor and laugh because its not littering and they cant do anything
  10. thats not very nice.

    but its mcdonalds so fuck it.:rolleyes:
  11. I always say PLAIN. I've had them fuck it before, but usually they get it right.

    Plain FTW
  12. ^^^I resent those comments. People working at fast food have souls too. Maybe they don't like picking up after your shit. Remember that next time. The person taking your order could very well be the person that, idk, finds your wallet and gives it back to you. Or lets you borrow a lighter when you lost yours. Or even smokes you out. Just cuz they work for a chain restaurant cuz they need some cash doesn't mean they're mindless drones.

    Ed: EyeGotGr33ns, your post didn't offend me. No miscommunication, kay?
  13. You obviously have never worked a service job a day in your fuckin life. How miserable of you to do somethign liek that intentionally
  14. By no means at all is working a fast food job "hard." They've got numerous tasks to do, and that's it. When the screen reads no onions no lettuce, it REALLY means no onions or no lettuce. You have one thing to do, thats make food. Do it RIGHT.
  15. At this one McDonald's they sell Double Cheeseburgers with Bacon for $1.49. They messed up my friend's order and gave him a Triple Cheeseburger with Bacon.

  16. that looks so good bro
  17. They fucked me today. I ordered my burger plain and came out with everything on it...ew. Haha and for some reason I always get McFlurrys when I'm baked :smoking:

  18. Yea dude, that's really disrespectful, not to McDonalds, but the people who work there. Why do you have to give them extra work and make them feel like shit?
  19. Those fuckin' dicks!
  20. the last two times i ordered from the shithole i got sick !

    food poisoning isn't fun. :(

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