McDonalds chicken sandwich

Discussion in 'General' started by SoCalMTmaster, May 25, 2011.

  1. I just recently moved to California and I'm really disappointed to find out that
  2. major cliff hanger op
  3. McDonalds and disappointment are synonymous
  4. mcdonalds is satan's laboratorium in which he grills evil sins
  5. ^ hell's kitchen

    what did you find out about chicken sammiches man? i want to know
  6. lol only the poor eat at those places
  7. I accidentally the whole thing
  8. Y'all trippin dick fa real, McGRIDDLE BABY all mothafucking day
  9. Hahahahahaa my bad! I decided to smoke before I finished writing a thread on my iPhone, took 5 bong rips, completely forgot about being mad at McDonalds and put my iPhone back In my pocket, and wallah!
  10. Annnnnddddd.....
  11. Still on a cliffhanger here....
  12. ummm IN-N-OUT?
  13. passed out mid post?
  14. This reminds me the the time when i was rock climbing on a large cliff and there was a circus down in the valley below, and when i reached for my water bottle, i suddenly
  15. CLiffhanger ftl :mad:
  16. I know what you mean, I was really upset when
  17. I was debating on just leaving everybody on this cliffhanger cause I know everyone gonna be disappointed now that the suspense was built. haha buuuut every thursday, back in Memphis, me and my buds would go to McDonalds and get a spicy McChicken and mcdouble. You take the spicy chicken patty and put it In between the two burger patties on the mcdouble. And either eat your bread with chicken nuggets or feed it to the birds. So I moved to Cali and my bros came to visit last week and we were stoked to do our ritual come Thursday. We get there askin for a spicy McChicken and the bitch acted like I was talking in Japanese. She was all umm we have the regular shitty chicken sandwiches if you want that. So we were all bummed but got it anyway and thought it'll still be pretty good but it was no where near. I'm thinking it may just be a south thing so I'm wondering if you guys have the spicy ones where you live. I'm not actually disappointed in McDonalds. Im Sorry I left y'all hanging and responded with this long ass post
  18. I don't know why but I must found out what disappointed him so much. Do they not have the McDonald's chicken sandwich there? Is it not on the dollar menu? Is it smaller? Not as tasty?! WHAT!?

    Edit: Oh okay, nevermind. No spicy chicken sandwich... I don't think we have those around here either.
  19. Moral of the story; you now live in California, do yourself, your stomache, and your wallet some good and go to In N Out. All over win over McDonald's.
  20. Lol im so much better than everyone lol.

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