McDeez hooked me up!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blunt Ash, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. So I cruise up to McDonalds after smoking two phillies of dank. I order my favorite, 10 pc Mcnugget meal. Large of course, and a Dr.pepper to wash it all down. So I'm extra high when I pull up to the window and hand over the cash. Recieve my drink and food and then I'm off. I get home open my nuggets to find not 10 but 12 chicken mcnuggets in my box. my day is finally complete. I appreciate if you bothered to read my tale. :smoke:
  2. Wow reading this has changed my life, 2 extra nuggets? Wow...
  3. Just sharing the good news is my only intention.
  4. Wow, Great story

    On another note my buddy flirted up a girl at 12am that was working and she gave us 2 large fries for free!
  5. I just got a baja blast from taco bell...and some other stuff Im to lazy to figure out how to spell
  6. mmmh.... radiated chicken

  7. some people on this site act like they never been super baked before. ive been high enough to think that 2 extra nuggets are totally freaking life changing-ly awesome. leave this guy alone with his nuggets. this is a forum, people make posts on forums. without posts forums are boring and useless!

    i love when i go through the starbucks and they give me a free drink (the ones they make wrong) :D
  8. atleast some people are cool here.
  9. well no one insulted the dude
  10. dope.

    one time me and my boys were all high as titties in In n out one night and we got a BOX of fries for free cause we told one of the workers we kinda knew "ay lemme get some free friesss!"

    it was probably like 15 bucks worth of fries on the niggga free
  11. no one said anyone insulted the dude. hence the reason why i did not quote anyone either. id hate to get his thread closed also, lets just all be nice?
  12. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Don't wanna be nice! Wah! ... kidding
  13. This should totally turn into the official Mcdonalds hookup thread!

  14. hell ya man. "im lovin it" :)
  15. didn't mcdonalds use to have pizza?
  16. it was the shit too.

    soo fucking good, also had the big extra.

  17. When the eff did McD have pizza??
  18. Thats never happend to me but it chould have since i never count my nuggets. I just eat em quick. Good for you though, the +2 nuggets you got is a clear sign that today the gods have smiled upon you:hello:
  19. Was at a steak and shake one time and got a free refill on a milkshake because the dude liked my friends dermal
  20. Got friends that work at McD,when the manager isnt lookin im always gettin hooked up with free fries and pies.Got handed a free double qp one time while stoned,twas like christmas.:hello:

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