McD slashed the $.99 Double ChB...I am now on Wendy's $.99 Double Stack/w cheese!

Discussion in 'General' started by Leapfrog, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Apparently people were buying too many of the $.99 Double Cheeseburgers and not so much of the other Burgers they are offering.

    Well McD lost me as a customer.


    Now getting:
    (and I like it more!)
  2. Double QB is where it's at but to be honest I really dig on fast food anymore, unless it's Taco Bell, but that's because they don't have them around here anymore.
  3. Fuck the only reason I ever eat at McDonald's is because it's so cheap.
  4. Shiittfuck!
  5. wait what the fuck?

    so how much is the double cheese now?

    wendys ftw anyways though...

    not like i really care :cool:
  6. the double che is 1.29 now and they have this thing called a mcdouble which is the same thing as the double stack at wendy's except instead of being made out of meat like wendy's its made out of cowshit

  7. I've seen it for $1.25 and up!

  8. wow wendys in on 3CONOMICS and mcd is fuckin up
  9. McDonald's is a ripoff. The only thing I get from there now is the fruit and yogurt parfait for a dollar.
  10. mmm enjoy that non usable auto flush for $.
  11. They now have the mcdouble. Its the same thing as a doublecheeseburger. Except it has only 1 slice of cheese. and its a dollar. Stupid shit.

  12. haha i never heard anybody called mcdonalds a ripoff
  13. Thats a shame considering the feed the public food not meant for your bowels and they charge you $. That shit comes out the same way it went in.
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    No that would be the Taco Bell Cheesy Double Beef Burrito!
    (I dig those, too!)


  15. Fuck mcdonalds! they must be goin broke cuz i went in there saturday night and right at 11 the turned all the lights out and were like "we're supposed to turn the lights off at 11, but u guys can keep eating.." and i had to pay 1.29 for a dbl goin to wendys
  16. Fast food is all the same, its a money making scheme that doesnt care about your body, and I feel for the fools who buy it regularly just to stop their stomach from growling.
    Thats why they call it "fast food"

  17. ha well i dunno if you should be hatting on it like thattt

    i mean what else is gunna fill you up like that for a dollar?

    that might be all the money some people have...

    gotta get that bang for your buck
  18. Yeah agreed eating those on a regular base is a BAD thing!
  19. Those jackbooted thugs

    I'll still get them but gone are the days when all you needed were some quarters. I've never been a strict dollar menunaire...I usually go for a Big Mac meal.
  20. Theyve been out of those here for quite some time now..

    Funny side note..

    Mcdonalds charges ONE dollar for FOUR nasty nuggets..

    while Wendys charges one cent less (99CENTS) for FIVE delicious nuggets..

    LOL what the fuck is that!?
    wendys LOVE is what it is!

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