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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by New Jersey, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I don't know if many of you have heard about McCarthyism but it was during the cold war a US senator named McCarthy began interrogating people suspected of being communists (this was also done on television). Although he accused people wrongly and treated them unfairly it was a good concept. I was thinking that what if we found a cannabis enthusiast who knows almost everything there is about cannabis and then has him interrogate political figures on a television show. He can disprove all their made up facts and even provide them with all the positive possibilities cannabis provides. Doing this would not only make the politicians against cannabis look stupid but the show would also forcibly educate those many people who refuse to learn about marijuana as because it is "bad" while they tune in to watch the politicians. Whos gonna step up and host this show?

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  3. McCarthy was a massive alcoholic who threw accusations whichever way he could, I wouldn't worry about it too much man.
  4. But I do agree with having an intelligent and assertive guy proving political figures wrong on cannabis. Not just that, but mainly I would like to see hemp play a large roll. It's more important than the female plant into
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    I second Montel Williams.. doesn't he already own a very nice dispensary? he would be PERFECT........
  6. The US government would not face that kind of humiliation. They would do whatever they can to cover-up or disprove.
  7. I think politicians would be willing to get on the show because they are often full of themselves and think they know everything. Once they were on the show they would be shocked by the amount of facts that disprove their bs propoganda. They would be unable to create real comebacks and in return glorify cannabis. :metal:
  8. It's not going to happen. Hey a man can dream right?
  9. Time to find the Cannabis Rain Man?

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  10. Propaganda at its finest.

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  11. that's not what mccarthyism is bro but ok

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