McCain's VP pick.

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  1. Sarah Palin
    2 year Republican Governor of Alaska
    2 Term mayor of Wasilla, AK (a town with a population of 6,751)
    Lifetime NRA member
    Wife of a BP employee
    Mother of 5 (her eldest son is being deployed to iraq and her newborn son suffers from down syndrom)
    Strongly supports capital punishment
    Opposes same sex marriage and civil unions
    Currently under investigation on charges of unethical abuse of power in Alaska.
    Hockey mom?

    Thank you Senator Mccain for handing Obama the election. :D
  2. hes trying to win over the alienated democrat hilary supporters, and hes doing a terrible job. if i was a hilary supporter, my intelligence would be insulted. the only connection the two have is that theyre women. and he thinks that common ground is going to be enough to attract the obama-hating/hilary-loving demorcrats? its ridiculous
  3. already a thread about this
  4. the sad thing about this, is a lot of people will vote for him just because of this move.
  5. This was like Christmas in August for the Dems. From what I've read online (she SUPPORTED the bridge to no where as long as her city didn't have funds diverted from it, doesn't believe in evolution, possible indictment for the business with her brother in law, etc). Also, I believe that just picking a woman will backfire on him. It makes women look like a commodity rather than a person... ie, doesn't matter what their beliefs are as long as they're a woman other women will vote for them. I love the choice but I support Obama so.. YMMV
  6. Well... at the end of then night we can goto bed knowing we are the more intelligent people.

  7. Oooh, so she's that kinda chick.

    Gag me with a spoon. :poke:
  8. He only picked her to get the female vote.

  9. Word.

    And she seems like the type of female I'd like to whack upside the head with a trout.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I had detected something like this would happen. But, maybe he should of thought more about who he was picking. Haha, what if he choose Hillary. That would just be so damn rediculous.
  12. I wonder how the McCain camp conjured up this silly scheme? It is so transparant, that it leads one to think that McCain and his advisors regard the US voters as total morons. Or sheep. Much the same really.

    How I imagine it to have happened:


    Let's hope it looses him the election.
  13. I'm much more comfortable with a VP candidate with two years of executive experience as governor than a presidential candidate who was a US Senator for 140 days before announcing his candidacy.
  14. yes she is
  15. My exact thought when i first saw the announcement on tv, accompanied by a "Who the fuck is she?".
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    If this is what they are planning to run against a steamroller like Obama, they must be higher than Roger Clinton.:D

    I smell a set up.

    This woman wouldn't be qualified to be a county supervisor in California. We've got like 15 cities with a higher population than her whole state!

    Alaska and Arizona, states # 48 and 49, are ready to take on national leadership!:eek:

    This would wrap up the eskimo vote for McCain, if Native Americans didn't hate him so much.

    50 state sweep for Obama, is looking like its doable.:smoke:

  17. I completely disagree with her politics, attitude and pretty much everything I have seen her say lately,

    but she's sexy. :D
  18. She looks like a naughty librarian :rolleyes:

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