Mazar x Great White Shark; Coco; 90W LED SCROG

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  1. :eek::eek::eek::eek::(:(:(:(

    RIP second grow.

    Had to pull everything down for security issues (sucks being a renter).

    I will return with a PC sized micro-grow in the near future.
  2. I will elaborate since I made a goodbye video for my ladies:

    Security issue was really that I needed to give notice on my apartment (moving to sweet awesome pad with my girlfriend) and the landlord will be showing potential renters the place well before harvest would be possible.

    I could pay another couple months rent extra and just hang onto my grow, but the paranoia of being off site and possibly losing my deposit if I gave no notice to my landlord after harvest (or paying a third months rent just to harvest) just didn't add up financially to get a few ounces of weed and some seeds for that kind of money.

    AND what pushed me over the edge and made me decide to scrap it was that I discovered two days ago that my LEDs were not completely powering off at night (full moon-ish glow over my seed run Hindu Kush and way more than that over the top of the Mazar x GWS). Take this as a condemnation of cheap chinese non-brand LEDs.

    Yields would have been compromised even more when they hermied, so the money+effort to harvested bud equation gets even worse.

    I will be starting a micro grow as soon as I can assemble a super stealth PC box (hopefully one PC grow at a time will keep me in weed and off the streets).

    Without further ado...:(

    Ladies awaiting the executioner
  3. Damn man, better luck next time i guess.
  4. My new ringtone; this has me laughing all day.

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  5. bahahahahaha :D
  6. Sorry to hear about all the trouble! Hopefully things will go better next time. I'll be growing out my Mazar x GWS here soon and I hope they look as good as yours!

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