Mazar x Great White Shark; Coco; 90W LED SCROG

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  1. This is my second grow. I'll be growing out a fem'd Mazar x Great White Shark from World of Seeds that I got as a freebie. It's already in it's second week of vegetative growth under 2 x 24W CFLs. It has really close internodes and this pheno would probably be great to grow out without the screen, but I DON'T CARE! I want to learn to use scrog to help with yield and support. :devious:

    2012-08-15 15.27.29.jpg

    It's been topped twice already and is really healthy at the moment. Feeding 1/2 strength Lucas formula (6/9 GH Micro/Bloom) as of today. It'll finish in the same 3 gal root pouch. She's growing in 5:1 coco/perlite. The coco was soaked ahead of time in a heavy cal/mag solution. I have no plans to cal or mag supplement though for the rest of the grow. Hardcore simple h3ad's coco version of lucas formula from start to finish. I'm only adding in supplements in later test grows when I can run side by side comparisons to verify that they do something independent of claims.

    As soon as my other plants in flowering closet are harvested (anytime now or maybe another 2 weeks), I'll move the Mazar Shark in with the screen put into position. The screen is made from PVC and masonry string (I'm very proud!) and built onto some legs to keep it about 20 inches off the ground.

    2012-08-15 15.29.37.jpg

    My dingo says howdy.

    I'll be flowering under a 90watt LED that I used to finish my first grow. I don't want to hear rabble from any LED haters or pro HID cheerleaders. For reasons discussed in my first grow, I'm personally using LEDs to flower, no need to discuss that further.

    I handwater to waste, but I'm going to setup a drip system to waste, feeding twice a day. It'll be my first try with automated irrigation, so I'm stoked to get into that as well!

    If you couldn't tell, I like the methodology of keeping things real simple and adding in new elements at a measured pace. I'm naturally skeptical and the hodgepodge of random elements that was my first grow has taught me to value simplicity and trusting what I see instead of what I read on the internet.

    I'll have more when the screen is dropped down!
  2. Ready for another round!:wave:
  3. I like the ScrOG Screen and the scary dog!
  4. The scrog dog, hehe!
  5. So I've moved into the grow closet. I built a stand for the grow tray from some lumber and installed a drain that goes to waste.

    I'm currently watering 3 times a day with some runoff everytime, EC about 1.8, which I'll try to dial up since the plant has shown no signs of nute burn.

    Automated irrigation is pretty sweet. I check the pH of the reservoir every other day (which is pretty stable due to drain to waste instead of recirculating nutes) and top it off like once a week.

    This particular Mazar x GWS is the most robust plant I've had my hands on (out of 8 I think). It grows fast and lush.
    2012-08-28 10.21.33x.jpg
  6. Beautiful setup verne... real nice... are you using an emitter with your drip irrigation, or just a single straight hose? what about an air stone or something in the rez? Do you have a problem keeping the rez temp down?? Just curious buddy! Thanks :D:wave:
  7. There are some emitters on there just to allow finer control over watering.

    Airstone yes, but I haven't been monitoring the rez temp. I guess I just assumed it would be room temp, hadn't even crossed my mind to concern myself with it.
  8. Subscribed! I got this same freebie but haven't gotten to grow it out yet. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  9. My Mazar x GWS is chugging along. It's certainly filling out the screen a lot more than it was a month ago, but I still feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong with the scrog, it just feels/looks messy. There was some nute burn on older leaves, but I pushed to 2.0 EC for a couple weeks, so I flushed with water and dialed back to 1.8.
    2012-09-19 12.52.11x.jpg
    2012-09-19 12.52.21x.jpg

    The 4 in the foreground are my clones of the Mazar x GWS. I took 6 cuttings, 4 rooted. Eventually the one that I damage the least will become a bonsai mother in a little 1L pot.
    2012-09-19 12.52.51x.jpg
  10. Wish I had your self control; I babble away every day on several threads and I doubt I've said anything of value in the entire time I've been here. How's the scrog dog doing? All gardens need a poster child, like I've got Stingray and my Gumby mug. It helps provide perspective and consistency.

  11. The dog abides.
    2012-09-19 16.56.54x.jpg

  12. And that's not true about you not saying anything of value. You're a poet!
  13. You flatter me; I just have an autistic streak that finds communication thru verse more suitable.
  14. Chugging along, screen about 75% full. I'm planning on flipping to 12/12 later this week after I recheck for light leaks.

    2012-10-01 11.57.05x.jpg
    2012-10-01 11.57.19x.jpg
  15. I love your screen. When will you be changing over to the 90W led? I am assuming during flowering. Will you be keeping the CFL's in there as well?
  16. That Tie fighter configuration looks vaguely familiar. . . I did a naked rundown of my room but forgot to list how my lights were arranged. I made another compulsive trip to Lowes and wired another 4 socket fixture to start an additional shelf in the Hall of Mirrors; wonder if anyone can help me figure out how to grow from the ceiling down as that's the only space left.

  17. Yeah, the UFO gets cracked out this week after I check for light leaks and get off my lazy ass. I'm probably not going to supplement with CFLs. I really want to see what the 90W LED will do on its own, for better or worse, just so I know for myself, firsthand.

    Thanks for the screen love. I'm proud of my technique and the result. I usually cut corners and my DIY projects come out less than great as a result, but this one worked well.:cool:
  18. Shameless yet proud plug post...

    I wouldn't be offended if any of you were to check out my Exodus Cheese smoke report and rep me. I'm only being a crowing rooster because I'm so proud of the close up bud pic. Look at those trich stalks! I made that happen on my very first grow!
  19. I spent a wonderful 5 hours today (naked:eek:, stoned:smoke:, listening to classical music:cool:) stripping my room out, cleaning, sealing, hookin up LEDs and reorganizing.

    My Hindu Kush seed run sits on the left side of the room and my scrog of the Mazar x GWS is on the right.

    2012-10-06 16.54.07x.jpg
    2012-10-06 16.54.15x.jpg
    2012-10-06 16.54.39x.jpg

    The lights get cut for 24 hours of dark tonight at 8pm EDT...smoke a bowl in celebration!:hello::hello::smoke::smoke:
  20. +1 the LEDs look epic

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