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    Hi everyone,

    First time poster/grower, been lurking for a few months now. I finally decided to give growing a try, I currently have 2 plants in a rubbermaid grow box. I'm not really as concerned with stealth so much (my family uses) but I did want to be able to move the box around if needed and I didn't have a lot of extra space in the apartment. I also didnt want my 5 year old poking around wondering what Daddy was growing.

    Originally I had 2 13 Gallon containers and after reading up on the strain i was growing I knew I'd need a little more room. I ended up buying 2 x 35gallon containers from Walmart and then using KayakBubbler's thread as assembly instructions. I have a 9" fan mounted in the top box that serves as my exhaust, I intend to put some sort of carbon filter in the fan mesh once the smell starts. I also have 2 x 80mm PC fans wired to a 12v adapter that I picked up at Frys. Other than that the boxes arent that complicated, got a thermo/humidity meter and have some power strips zip-tied to the sides holding the lights.

    I do not have my medical card yet but I'm planning on getting one in the next few months. I just bought a new car so money was a little tighter than I'd like, figured it wouldnt kill me to wait a bit.

    Once I had my box ready to go I started researching different strains. I didn't know what kind of luck I was going to have so I tried to find some seeds relatively cheap with a nice yield and more of a body high. I ended up settling on some Mazar-i-Shariff seeds that I got from They arrived on the 7th day after ordering and I had 2 of them cracked with a 1/8 - 1/4 inch root sticking out by the next afternoon.

    Currently I'm in my 4th week of growing. The plants have both been transplanted twice so far, thrice if you count jiffy pot -> 4" pot. After 2 weeks of veg I had small root tips sticking out of the bottom of my pots and figured it was time to move them. Of course, I decided this at about 11:30pm on a Friday night and there were no gardening stores still open. I ended up going to walmart again (I really hate that store, check out if you want some laughs) and got some 5 liter paint mixing buckets to transplant into.

    The plants stayed in the 5 liter bucket for about a week - 9 days before I could again see my roots starting to work their way out of the drainage holes I cut. Luckily I happened to be near a Hydro store the next day so I picked up some proper 3 gallon pots and moved the plants over the next day (Last Sunday, 10/07/09).

    I'm currently using Fox Farms soil, Big Bloom(BB), Tiger Bloom(TB), Blackstrap Molasses and filtered water(FW) (from the tap that I let sit out to remove chlorine). My watering schedule is Molasses Water (MW), TB+BB, FW, MW, MW, TB+BB, every 2 - 3 days depending on soil moisture. I'm doing my BB and TB at half strength right now, plan on bumping it up to full once we have full on flower.

    Ok, I think thats all the info about my setup you are ever going to want to know...oh yeah, and I'm using CFL's. I had 6x27W 6500K CFL's and switched yesterday (for flowering) to 4x24w 2700 CFL and 2x27w 2700 CFL's. You'll see them in the pics.

    Obviously i appreciate any feedback you guys have...

    Oh, I switched over to 12/12 Tuesday night (10/08) so I'm hoping to know sex in the next few days, both plants are a good 6 - 8 inches tall now, cant really see it on the pics.

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  2. hey, looking good n1hilist. Pretty cool set up. I helped host a thread that had one Mazar-i-shariff in it. It was a great plant, but it never saw the "end" of it's flowering. Had to chop it a couple weeks early. Can't wait to see the end product
  3. damn! nice setup! Lookin forward to see what you end up with!
  4. Thanks guys, so far everything has been going good. The late flowering kind of worries me since i was hoping to have a harvest about a week before my lease was up (wanted to get it packed into my drying box so I could just carry it to new place without having to move plants around.

    Obviously I'm still new to this, when you had to cut it early was there anything salvagable or did it just get thrown away? I think I'm going to take advantage of my time and go take some pics...more coming soon (those pics above are about 3 days old and this plant seems to grow fast in my box.)
  5. First 4 pics are of the first plant, 2nd 4 of the 2nd plant. 2nd plant went into dirt 1 day after the other so its always been a little behind its big sister.

    I'm kinda worried about the lower fan leaves curling down so much but I'll proceed with watering tonight (first dose of tigerbloom and bigbloom while flowering) and check on them tomorrow.

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  6. yeah, they're a bit droopy but nothing yet to be scared of IMO.

    The Mazar we had to cut down early was used to make some hash. The buzz is very different when taken that early. It was very light and heady. It used to make eyeballs feel like they were buzzing but without that AHHHH feeling. But those were a few weeks early, like three or four.
  7. grows like this usually dont get finished and harvested. 2nd time is usually the good grow.
  8. Yeah, I'm down to one plant now, I'm pretty sure its male but I'm going to let it keep growing just for the experience. Still planning on moving in early November and i plan on having club card by then so I'll probably just go clones in a cab then instead of the box. I'll post some more pictures of the one left later.

    Oh, and its about 9" tall now, probably over a foot wide. its been filling in nicely over the past week

  9. What happened to the rest of your plants!?
  10. I only had 2 growing in the box, the first one went male on me so I pulled it out as soon as i saw it to make sure it didnt pollinate the other (if it was female)

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