Mazar Fem's Starter problems

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mow2, May 14, 2010.

  1. Years ago - maybe 5 years...I gentleman from UK sent me a package of 200 Mazar Fem seeds because he was the nicest person in the world and I guess he wanted shake hands across the pond.
    They were wonderful seeds and I would start one seed and get a yield of 1 LB + when dont. They were good because they truely were femized and very very good, smooth and did a great job. Because I only started one when I needed to they tended to get older. I stored 1/2 of them in the fridge at 38 and the othr 1/2 i kept in a dark place that was about 80.

    I never have a problem with starting from either location.
    BUT! Now I have started babies 2 from each storage area and neither would wake up.
    I soak the seeds for 6 hours in slightly warm water, then place them in wet paper towels in a plastic bag. I then place the bag in a warm totally dark area about 85-90 F and make sure they are moist. I have checked them after 3 days - nothing. Then another 2 days ..nothing.
    none of the seeds appear to have any damage or prestart or anything wrong.

    Did my seeds get to old....I think not..But maybe there is something ican do to help them....
  2. mow-- i germed 10 ww seeds in paper towel. 4 popped- after 7 days i planted the other 6 in seed starter mix-----3 are out of the soil now!!!! dont pitch em, plant them and see what happens. i think the paper towel thing is way overrated. it costs nothing to give them a second shot at living.:smoking:
  3. I am continuing the atempt. I have 3 in process.
    I figure it might just take longer...because they have been sleeping for so long.
    I also must add I find it helpful to placethem in a warmer location 80-90F to wake up. I will keep an eye on them for a couple of weeks.
    Before this time is usally 3-4 days before baby time , i agree they just might need more time.

    Thank you:)

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