Mayweather vs. Ortiz

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  1. Can't wait until this fight Sat. Floyd is going to knock Ortiz out. Ortiz is known for getting abused, he has no chance. The hilarious thing is De La Hoya says he has the "formula" to beat Mayweather. LOL Floyd beat up on his for 12rds. & made him retire. Floyd next fight will be Manny if he doesn't back down again.

    Who do you have winning, though I don't know how you could go against Mayweather?;)

  2. Floyd will knock him out in the first round.
  3. [quote name='"Serious"']Floyd will knock him out in the first round.[/quote]

    first connect to the face, mayweathers gonna knock his teeth down his throat
  4. I say PBF in 9 because of his inactivity
  5. I think Floyd causes the ref to stop it around round 10.
  6. Mayweather will win this one.

    wish i could watch it.
  7. I'm putting 10 dollars down on Ortiz, who I do think has a chance.
    If ortiz wins I win 500 dollars. :) So you know who I'm rooting for tonight.
    Im finna stream it, don't really have the money to lay down on PPV.

  8. Don't waste your money bro.
  9. $10 down on a chance at $500? I'll take it even if the odds are stacked against me. Boxing has been known to have surprises.
  10. I hate mayweather..cocky son of a bitch...

    He's old now and Ortiz is much younger.

    Hope mayweather gets knocked the fuck out.

    Ortiz ftw
  11. You're telling probably the biggest boxing fan on grasscity.

    Ortiz has a minuscule chance of winning. I don't see him winning more than 2 rounds this whole fight, and thats being a bit optimistic. The only thing he has going for him is this fight is his will and toughness to possibly last and lose a decision. A smart bet to win a good amount of money would be Mayweather by TKO (ref stoppage most probs) around round 9 or 10.
  12. Right? I mean, regardless of how I think Mayweather will win by decision, the reward is worth the risk.
  13. I don't know.. Mayweather might get his ass doe
  14. Your wasting you money betting on Ortiz. Floyd is too fast and too smart to allow anyone close enough to get off a power shot. They only thing Ortiz has going for him is the fact Mayweather hasn't fought in 16mo. & he "could" show signs of rust

    "They Put 41 in Front of Me, and 41 Came Up Short." :D
  15. I know a lot of you disagree with my bet. Yes, Mayweather is the better fighter. But it's 10 dollars, 10 to win 500. I mean, lol that's a huge increase. AND if I lose, its not that big of a deal to me as it's only 10 dollars.
  16. Ortiz is going to pick up the win here. 41-0 is impressive (on par with The Undertaker's undefeated WrestleMania streak), but he will be showing ring rust and I think Ortiz's youth will win out in the end.

  17. Check back in 8 hours.

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