mayweather vs maidana? Khan?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by simple toke, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Any boxing fans out there? Who do yall think mayweather will pick to fight next?

    I'd like to see him take maidana, he looked pretty good in the broner fight....needs to tighten up a little bit with those combos and footwork but his speed is there. I don't think either of the guys could really take Floyd down....which is why Floyd is taking the fight.

    Pussy won't fight Pacquiao.

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  2. both good matches. i'd like throw in the mix little less known provodnikov, before mayweather retires for good. his fight with bradley was pretty epic. he's a tank, and can take a serious beating, his pressure is insane... if keeps a solid winning streak he might be a tough guy to deal with, unless he takes too many shots to the head :/
  3. That would be a good fight, I don't think he's quite fast enough for Floyd.....we all know the only fighter that could beat him would be pacquiao...but with Floyd retiring after what, 1 more year? So he's got maybe 2 fights left? He's never going to pick a fight where he thinks he might get beat. There are a few guys I'd like to see...but khan and maidana are confirmed prospects for Floyd to fight next.

    mayweather-khan would be an extremely boring fight.....

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  4. Maidana has a punchers chance much like canelo had. Canelo just never seemed comfortable in the ring. But if maidana can get thru like cotto it will get interesting.

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  5. Doesn't matter who Floyd fights. He's gonna destroy them. Fucking prick, can't stand the guy. But he can fight
    Wish he'd just suck it up and fight Pacquiao...
  6. Khan has a glass chin, not a complete boxer. It's going to be a breeze for Mayweather.
    I'd rather see him fight Pac, but we all know that's not going to happen. 
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    Maidana doesn't stand a chance, sadly. He probably won't take a bad beating, but he won't be able to land on floyd at all, and floyd will make him look foolish, just like he does everybody he fights.

    The only hope Maidana has is punchers chance, or effectively trapping floyd on the ropes or In the corner. But even in the corner, floyd can barely be hit.

    I dislike mayweather a lot, but the guy has boxing down to a science.

    The fight I'm really looking forward to Is pacman-Bradley II this Saturday. :D
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  9. Amir khan, he tooled maidana worse than Floyd did

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  10. any bets on sept 13 Mayweather rematch??? im willing to bet $50 paypal on mawweather

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