Mayor Bloomberg attacking...vibrators?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bluntzilla420, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. It says it was because so many were there that they shut it down, not the mayor hating on dildos
  2. Bloomberg being the biggest dick in NYC, didn't like the competition...
  3. great pun

  4. agreed. excellent pun.
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    if it was all about the permits...then why do they need to 'discuss' the issue with the mayors office directly....

    ya hot commie pinko color...f**king bible thumping mayor...pinko commie loving DICK...GRRRRR...all those unsatisfied females in NYC...

    (hang on, booking a bus trip to NYC to help them females get some sexual satisfaction as best I can..I'm such a giving sorta guy and all...:p)
  6. I highly doubt that Bloomberg himself had anything to do with this.

    Do people not read the article? They didn't have the necessary permit, they will be able to resume giving away the vibrators when the paperwork is filed.

    I have nothing against the sex merchandise market, but I think it's in bad taste for Trojan to distribute vibrators in the streets of NYC in full view of children. This could be done more discreetly, IMHO - maybe in their headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey, the condom capital of the world. :hello:
  7. Masturbating is healthy, shouldnt be kept from children

    were people using the dildoes in the streets lol

  8. got yours and don't care about the rest of the ladies that were waiting in line...:p
  9. I swear this man must derive sexual pleasure from rules and regulations.

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