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  1. ..asked one of my mates to chill, he was like "Yeah for sure man!", fuckin' hour later he's now leaving to my other friends house who said could not chill tonight. Fuck em'

    No bud, w/e. Jus' gone to pick up some beers.

    How my blades doin?
  2. [ame=]YouTube - STANKY LEG WEST AFRICA STYLE[/ame]

    Jus doin da stanky legg
  3. I'm just turfin'
    [ame=]YouTube - Turf Dance[/ame]
  4. that sucks man, that's a dick move...did he leave you just to go smoke?
  5. more weed for you? :smoking:
  6. Naw, it's all cool I guess. They both my closest *****s, just 'M' could not go anywhere and said he couldn't chill tonight cause he had shit going on, but I guess I can go over there as well and chill but, I gotta' do shit over here in the first place. The only thing that's fucked is me inviting my mate 'F' and hour later 'M' invites him and he goes. But it's chill, whatevv. :)

    Naw mayne, bud-less! You can say more beer though lol
  7. yeah i feel you man. no one hits me up to hang anymore, even when i have bud.
  8. thats shitty, but yeeah, bring on the beers haha ;)

    you should talk to your friend about it though, let him know that you know so he wont think he can get away with being a little DICK!
  9. to ryan:
    Damnn, sucks huh?

    to sleepy:
    Oh yeah I did, he tried pulling the card where I invited him before you, I'm like naw ***** you didn't haha, he asked me to chill around 7, you deff did not at 6. Just stopped, cause this shit is like 4th grade drama.
  10. yeah dude it really sucks...people really have changed lately. my friend whos in town from college cant go out cause his mom told him so. fucked up huh? 19 yr old who still takes shit from his parents.
  11. why didnt you go with him?
  12. Gotta' do work round tha house, so figured I'd invite him over here to chill.

    That is real fucked up Ryan haha.
  13. thats shitty, i hate people who ditch at the last minute
    or bull shit
    especially if theyre your close friends
  14. Indeed mate, listening to Andre Nickatina... dayum! sick shit
  15. ayo for yayo musta been crazo
  16. nickys raw! im about to go to a concert of his this coming saturday!
  17. i love andre nickatina!
    im listening to him also ahhaha, honeycomb
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    smoked a blunt with my homie, laker game

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