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Mayhem at my School

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highguy5, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. So two kids at my school were running a brownie operation. One kid (Fred) would make them and the other kid (Tom) sold them and they split the profit. Well they sold it to this one dumbass (Steve) who decides to give the brownie to a sophomore girl, who has never drank or smoked, without telling her that there was weed in it. About an hour after the chick eats it, she starts freaking out and says she needs to go to the hospital. She tells the deans she got it from Steve who says he got it off Tom and Fred... Tom, Steve, and Fred all get expelled 3 months shy of high school graduation and the worst part is that Tom ratted everyone out that he sold them too and those dozens of kids got 2 day suspensions all because some loose lipped people fucked up.
  2. Fucking snitches...that's why you only sell to a close circle...
  3. I would beat the fuck out of Steve
  4. This isn't new. Happens at least once a year in everyone's town man, someone makes brownies, people think its cool to "trick" non-weed uses into trying, and bada-bing people get in trouble.

    Probably could have made the same amount of money selling them outside of school and wouldn't have ended up in this shitty situation
  5. Last year half the local highschools crew team got caught with brownies. It was kinda funny though.
  6. You NEVER give edibles to an unaware person! It is just asking for trouble!

    And these are likely high school kids, not adults. You cannot honestly expect them to not be intimidated and frightened when threatened with arrest and more!

  7. I would be more than happy if someone gave me a weed brownie without me knowing. Unless I had to pass a drug test soon or something
  8. If I was fred or tom, I wouldve denied my ass off. Sayin I dont know shit about brownies, I dont kno how to cook, and who the fuck is steve.

  9. Because you know how weed effects you. I've watched someone have a panic attack and stop breathing thanks to a "friend" thinking it was a good idea to trick them into eating a weed muffin.

    Plus if you want people to be supportive of weed and see the lack of harm it does, this situation doesn't help at all
  10. hahaha this takes snitching everyone out to a whole new level
  11. [quote name='"s3v loves you"']I would be more than happy if someone gave me a weed brownie without me knowing. Unless I had to pass a drug test soon or something[/quote]

    Only because you know what it feels like to be high, imagine how scared that girl must have felt. At least your first time smoking you were prepared to feel something.

    That kid was dumb for giving it to her. Stupid kids.
  12. This......
  13. Also, it should be against the law to not inform them. I would probably beat someone up if they did that to my family at school where you're supposed to be safe. (I know pot is harmless) To sum it all up they deserved to get caught, all of them. Don't bring that shit to school and seem cool. If you're not old enough to deliver or them to get to your place to get some brownies you shouldn't even attempt such a thing. All for the best, 3 more dummies off the street giving MJ a bad name. .02
  14. Downside of when an operation gets to large. People snitch and shit gets all fucked up.
  15. God dammit steve. Always fucking it all up. lol
  16. Not only were these guys stupid for giving themselves up so easily, they shouldnt have been doing this stuff in school. A couple friends of mine got a temporary expulsion (apparently longer than a suspension) for selling pills to each other and some girls ratted them out. Just get a damn car and meet somewhere safe, people.

  17. Ohhhhhh fuck yeah.

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