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Maybe you guys can help me out with this internal problem?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CaptainKittens, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Ok, sup fellas and gallies.

    So, im a senior in high school. Smoke an average of 7 to 10 times a week.

    When i was younger, i wanted to be a groundbreaking musician where i had a following in music and i could make a difference. Make a name for myself after ive gone.

    But ive been thinking alot recently, and that stuff doesnt really matter right? I mean, someone who pumps gas still dies the same as the guy who owns IBM. They still experience the same pleasures. So why is everyone pushing this "you need to do something with your life attitude"? How many people can you name from the 1700's of any importance? 10? 20?

    So now, all i really want to do is become a music producer. I think it would hella cool to listen to music all day and improve it any way i smoking would actually make me better at the job!

    I want to make music all my life, but i think ive lost literally all drive to make money. Am i insane? Im worried because people keep telling me that when i have to pay bills, all i will care about is making more money. But if the point of life is to be happy, how can we be happy or spread happiness while trying to aquire millions of pieces od green paper??

    Idk guys. I probably overthink things alot.
  2. Satisfying yourself and doing what gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride is much more important than people saying your name in 100 years IMO.
  3. satisfying yourself is priority over everything. that being said, you need to be reasonable, don't become a music producer, if your not good at producing music. you want to do something that fulfills you, but also pays the bills. you don't want to be in a position when your older,possibly with a family, or maybe not. idk, but you cant pay your bills, and you have to work until your 70. that would suck, also HOW you going to pay for your herb? without steady income.
  4. Be somebody.
  5. My pay sucks. However I am doing a job I love, so I look at it this way- I am doing what I WANT to do and they PAY me to do it! I'll deal with the low pay to have the joy!

    Virtually everyone famous from the 1700s, that the average Joe can name, are the ruling class/army, scientists and musicians!

    Politics is just plain "dirty". Even idealists are corrupted.

    Science can often be twisted to do harm. Be careful what you create.

    Music "just" speaks through the ages.

    Follow your heart if you are able!


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