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  1. im new to mechanical mods and for a few months ive been vaping with a dual coil tug boat on a nemesis clone. works great. i also have a 40w kbox i use with a natulis. that broke so i put my never been used freak show rda on it with some .5ohm coils and it wont seem to fire. when i switch it down to a single coil set up it seems to work just fine. is the watts not powerful enough to run it? also it wouldnt fire in dual coil on my nemesis either. what did i do wrong? now im scared to change the coils on my tugboat because i dont want to jack that up if im doing something wrong.
  2. What's your resistance reading with the dual coil setup installed? If you're talking about coils that are 0.5ohms each, a dual setup would come out to 0.25ohms...if I recall correctly, the 40W KBOX is only rated down to 0.4ohms...
  3. I'll check. I don't have my multi meter on me right now. I need to start getting shit back from my friends.

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  4. Got a set up working on my nemesis.

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  5. Guess kbox isn't powerful enough to push it. Even with single coil it stops working at 30w

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  6. I'm not all that familiar with that particular mod, but with a little 40W mod, you'd usually do better keeping the resistance a little bit higher...most times iStick 50 liked a bit higher resistances...

    I have 2 0.25ohm clapton builds in RTAs on the go right now...on one, the sweet spot is about 45W, on the other, about 85W, so application matters too...

    If you can find a build that is around 0.5ohm, and works in the 35W range, that should be about perfect for the KBOX...
  7. well I'd say you typically dont run it as high in RTAs as you do in RDAs.

    I have a dual clapton .3 build running at 70-75w. I'd say with a 40w limit you should probably keep the resistance at .5 or higher, not sure I'd use claptons with it.
  8. i have a 10pack of nemesis switch magnet upgrades (i have the copper unbranded one and a silver clone), a pack of conttonlouse and a new intellicharger and 2 pack samsung batteries.

    now i need to find a nice max vg juice and hopefully me and the fiance can quit smoking.
  9. That's what it's all about...:cool:
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  10. i miss old school
  11. The kbox is only compatible with certain tanks/rdas. Even if they both have the same connection theres a setting in the hardware of the kbox that doesnt register certain tanks. My nimbus rda worked just fine on the knox but my lifestyle rda didnt even register.

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  12. Thank you for sharing this.
  13. The kbox takes 18650s correct? I believe if its cutting out at higher wattages its the batteries not the mod itself. Like i can run 10 amp icrs in my sigelei 100 so long as its below 25 watts. It just wont fire above 30 or so

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