Maybe this one was done Already

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by unoit, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, heard this one at work the other day.

    What's a happy Roman?

  2. KNOCK KNOCK!!!!!!

    This isn't a knock, knock joke, Unoit! You know why I'm knocking! ;) Have you taken down your damn Christmas lights yet????????????
  3. HIGH All, ok no more KNOCKING there down....unless your coming in for a toke.

    Here they are.

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  4. HIGH All, as you can see they've been up for awhile...the red is All faded and now we have some white ones.

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  5. hahah -you and me both....
  6. HIGH All, that's All of them and it was a pain in the ass my friends (I had to wear a jacket *LOL*).

    Oh and did I mention when my lights were left up they were never turned on till X-mas. Going to plant our live X-mas tree as it's getting too big.
  7. lol You've got them down.. Now ehn are you going to get them offf the ground?? Put them in storage maybe??
  8. Damn, Unoit...I'm proud of you!!! I'm sorry it was a pain in the ass but if they hadn't have been up for so long then it would have been an easier job to get them down. ;)

    YAY!!! One less door to knock on!
  9. HIGH All, well I just want to Thank you All for talking me into taking the X-mas lights I have to put them back up.

    Now I know why I leaf them on the house. They will be on the house for at least 5yrs from now on *LOL*...........just one reason why I hate this season....Rocdog tells me she just went out and bought 50 more lights....AAAAHHHHH I can't wait!!!!!!!

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