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  1. Hey all, this is my second grow. Currently I am starting out with 2 bag seeds, non-related, each in a plastic cup with a Fox Farm Ocean Forest and manure mixture. The lighting currently stands with two CFL's that I used last year's grow, thus I don't remember what wattage they are. When they get larger I plan to purchase two more CFL's. They are in a small plastic box with open venalation, I have a fan to use when they get some leaves on them.
    The two seeds where germinated directly in the soil (no paper towel like techniques) on Jan 11th and have since been watered twice. I made a mistake of missing waterings before and don't plan on letting that happen again. Yesterday (the 15th) one baby has already started to show its-self. Crazy fast! The other is still hiding away, for now but still has plenty of time. Attached are pictures I took today.
    Advise, encouragement and any imput is greatly appreciated here.
    January 2014 020.JPG January 2014 022.JPG January 2014 024.JPG January 2014 025.JPG January 2014 026.JPG

  2. Some stretching has occured over-night. I kinda had a feeling it would happen dispite it being only 3 or so inches from the light. Might have to invest in more light sooner unfortunately. Plan is to top the baby off for now. When I get to the store I will get more light, is there any specific CFL I should look for?
    First picture shows the stretching, second one I tried to capture the seed shell that is still hanging on, and third is the other plant that hasn't shown yet.
    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG
  3. Thank you very much for that link it's very helpful! Glad to hear you'll be watching 
    I topped the seedling off yesterday and watered both here's some pics. The first one was just one I thought looked cool. For a moment after topping the seedling and then watering the water just sat above the soil haha looked pretty interesting.
    010.JPG 011.JPG 012.JPG 013.JPG
  4. One week from sprouting :D
    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG
    Still no sign of the other. Ones okay though... so long as its female!
  5. That's a good idea, I have actually put a seed to germinate via paper towel method a couple days ago and it hasn't popped yet... hmmm... I have quite a few bag seeds but dang this didn't happen last year. I germinated 3 seeds and all grew up female so maybe now my luck has turned I guess. Maybe I'll just have to try to pop another seed.
    Oh yea and also what sucked was I made the whole hour drive to walmart yesterday for something and totally forgot about getting more CFL's and Y splitters. Fuck.
  6. Today's pictures. I took your advice theislander and added a new seed to the paper towel. Hopefully it will sprout.
    001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 008.JPG
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    I have achieved a taproot! That was a nice surprise this morning. So I planted her in the cup where the other one didn't sprout.
    Yesterday I made some changes to my grow area. I moved both CFL's closer and added a partition to close off unnecessary space so they plants can get more concentrated light. I know tinfoil isn't a good reflective so I hear but hey its better than nothing. Basically the new wall is just a cardboard square covered in tinfoil. I'm pretty happy with it though, its better than it was before.
    Pictures are included. I was wondering if anyone could figure out why there is a brown spot on one of the leaves. I thought it might be something stuck to it but unfortunately its not.
    013.JPG 014.JPG 015.JPG 016.JPG
    Edit for my reference.
    Plant 1: 12 days from sprout
  8. All's doing well here. The new plant sprouted yesterday here's some pics.
    002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG
  9. So fuck it. I spoke too soon. I'm so frustrated! So the larger of the two is having serious discoloration of its leaves. Its turning very light green/yellowish and had brown spots on the leaves! I gave it water but it just looks worse as the day goes on! 
    Also my mom found my plants. I'm 19 and she don't really care fortunately but she spilled the beans when we where all drinking that evening with her boyfriend and I could tell he was mad since he complained about the bill even before I started growing so shit.. I moved them outside. Its warm weather with occasional cold nights but now I need a for real set up outside and pesticides and shit. I'm not gonna be able to flower them early either like I wanted. Just totally sucks. I'm pretty upset. Last years successes and this years failure.
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    So unfortunately I feel that the problem with the one seedling is that it was under watered. Which obviously I dealt with last year. I must have a hard time telling cause I felt the soil last night and it seemed damp to me but this morning you could tell she was in bad shape and then I noticed the soil was rather dry. I guess I'd be better with over watering than under watering ah damn its really gonna hurt this seedling though since both of its largest leaves are affected. From my experience, they will die and fall off. A catastrophic hit to the poor baby. I feel bad.  Anyway the update for her is that her other leaves are turning a darker green fortunately.
    I just got back from starting my new outdoor spot. I'm going to try growing them on a platform in a dead tree. Not way up high or anything just out of reach from deer and pesky ground critters. Pictures will come later. I didn't have to build the platform luckily, but I don't know what they where originally the house just came with a lot of them. The only pain in the ass was getting it up there and finding the right tree. I had to move around a couple times but I got er done. Another benefit from the platform I feel will be that it has more exposure to the sun rather than just sitting them on the ground where there is a lot of bushes in our area. Anyway I'm hoping that things will start to pick up again now.
  11. Thanks I will try not to over water!
    Pictures. Sorry for the delay
    Feb 1 2014 005.JPG Feb 1 2014 006.JPG Feb 1 2014 007.JPG Feb 1 2014 008.JPG Feb 1 2014 009.JPG Feb 1 2014 010.JPG Feb 1 2014 011.JPG Feb 1 2014 012.JPG
  12. Well damn you all want to hear something crazy! I had mentioned to my parents(mom and stepdad) about how many seeds I got (50+) and there all 'why are we paying 200 dollars to buy weed when you can just grow it?' and I replied about how he was complaining of the electricity. He said that lights account for very little compared to the the electric needed for water and such. Then they proceeded to say that my plants need to come inside! Its to cold for them outside, which is true but hell I was just trying to do the right thing. Anyway the two seedlings are back inside, and I'm germinating more. Additional lights coming soon! This operation is about to get better!
  13. Yes I am hopefully! Going to have to do some research in the other lights now but I hear that pretty much all of them are better than CFL's. I popped another seed the other day, its an actual known strain this time: THC Bomb. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Pictures to come when TBomb sprouts.
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    I looked up the lighting but I'm a little confused as to which one would be good. I don't want to do LEDs because this is a short grow and I don't want to have to buy different colors. That leaves the fluorescents or HID. Honestly the HID sounds best to me but it apparently is not good for seedlings, is that true? Also it would likely be in my closet, so would that be too small of a space in which the plants would get overheated?  I could keep them under CFL's until they get bigger and then get a HID possibly. My other question though is will that HID rack up the electricity a lot?
  15. Picture time! Everyone is looking very happy at the moment. THC Bomb sprouted late yesterday and is growing well. Even my sick plant that I neglected with water is looking great, she's darkened up very well and has grown a lot more since I got her inside again. I'll show you how yellow she was previously and how dark she is now:
    001.JPG 013.JPG
    And now the rest of the pictures:
    010.JPG 011.JPG 012.JPG 014.JPG 015.JPG 016.JPG
    Also just wanted to show a quick picture I took the other day of a Western Bluebird. Hard to see though, I shot the picture through a binoculars haha.
  16. So I went and bought a new light and came home to find that the bulb doesn't work. The fixture fortunately does however. So I need to go buy another bulb. Great.
    Today's pictures
    002.JPG 003.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG
    Seed 1 @ 4 weeks from sprout tomorrow
    Seed 2 @ 2 weeks from sprout tomorrow
    THC Bomb @ 3 days from sprout

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