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  1. I have 2 bubble buckets running in a grow tent 1 plant under 208w cfl an the other under 150hps I just started nutes on Sunday I am using Techniflora recipe for success kit along with floranectar sweetener an some great white mycorrhizae. All nutes are used at 1/4 strength an temps in the grow room are at 70 with 40% humidty my ph is at 5.5-5.8. since I started nutes I have noticed some brown stuff on my roots is this root rot an if so what should i do. The plants are 4 weeks from seed an not even 1 inch tall what am I doing wrong someone please help me asap :confused:
  2. con someone help please
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    hey gdogg, im using the same set up with the same nutes and im having that problem...i have everything light tight...are your bb's light tight? and are you checking your temps. at the hottest point in your day ?
    i find myself cleaning my bb's every 5 days just to combat the brown stuff, wit alittle h2o2 , phsyan20(which is a very strong chemical that i would only use in veggin or to clean you bb's or instruments and now im adding hygrozyme to my fert. schedule to help combat the problem...i havent got it under control and i still can see new root growth but i did observe a few other not using a substrate, just rockwool and i notice it was oversaturated which is like i lowered my water level more than an inch...i stay cleaning but i limit the times i open my bb's so not to let light in there when im checking my ph/ppms/temps...but im not recommending, im just giving you info. i found out h2o2 breaks down the plants defense system...but i did find this bit of info...
    I do not have much experience in fixing root rot, but I would try a vitamin hormone like super thrive before trying hydrogen peroxide or cutting.
    I am copying and pasting this from another site -

    Root Rot
    What causes root rot? Low Oxygen levels. (DO) Desolved Oxigen. Temp's are the main reason for root rot, Low temps will lower the DO levels and high temps will cause low DO levels. Keeping temps between 65 to 72 will allow MAX DO levels or max o2 for roots. (Thank you so much for the information syko2! has provided above!)
    Over watering also causes root rot, Root Rot infects parts of the roots, which then spread infecting the whole roots causing death, Root Rot can be caused by to high of temps in hydro as well as over watering. Not enough drainage in your soil can cause Root Rot, even signs of it looking over watered, because the soil holds moisture to long for the roots to dry out. So these 3 things are all connected together. The main one that causes everything is over watering. Once you find out you have root rot, depending on how bad the problem is, you can add H202( Hydrogen Peroxide) with your water or hydro setup to kill the bacteria caused from root rot. If the plant is severely taken over by it, there are only a few things you can do, cut off the roots affected by it depending on if its hair roots or tap roots, use H202 mixed with water in a different bucket and use it for a dip to help kill off bacteria before putting it back in the system, also note the system needs to be cleaned out if you have root rot.... using products like sm90 will kill off the root rot, using h202 in your system does more harm than good, it kills off the bad bacteria and good thus creating a worse off problem after the h202 has been overran, h202 if used in a hydro/aero system must be replaced everyday due to it disapating from the air. After it disaptes the plants defensive system has been killed off by the h202 causing the root rot that was not killed by the h202 left and thus overruns the plants root system. So again h202 should never be used in the hydro system, be kept in the system, although it is safe to use to rid of algae growth in rockwool and other mediums, but never be used in with the root zones regularly. Sm90 is a good product you can use to kill off root rot. Hydroguard helps protect and there are many other products that work as well, hydroguard is one of the more popular ones that work.

    To prevent Root Rot, adding product's like Thrive Alive B-1, See Weed, Super thrive will help protect your plant's from root rot and will help cure root problems. ( Again ty so much for giving me the info syko2!!!)


    maybe pics will help other to comment or if someone with more experience in hydro setup can chime in and help but this is my 2cents man...hopes this help you get back on track:wave:
  4. high, you might know this but take care with over feed with nutts when first adding them. if you can get to the roots, try carefully washing the roots by tipping ( ph,ed water) onto the roots and see if the brown shit clears. if so its not rot, its somthing you can fix. ie a full clean up job. If you cant get to roots you realy must keep an eye on them, there are thing like cemicals n shit but at your stage if it is rot it mighyt be cheeper to do a full clean and start over.. i hope this helps abit. good luck mate. :(
  5. thanks guys I will do a complete rinse an clean out my buckets an limit the light exposer to the roots
  6. if only a small part of the roots r brown could u just cut it off???

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